Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will Go Missing in the Season 2 Winter Season?
Credit: Bruce Birmelin/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Who Will Go Missing in the Season 2 Winter Season?

One refrain has been repeated through all of the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 previews: "Someone will go MISSING... Someone will DIE... And someone will be EXPOSED." What? Huh? WHO!?

We want to know the answer now, but we know that's impossible. So instead, we've been doing the next best thing: speculating! Here are our top three theories about who might go missing when Pretty Little Liars returns:

One of the liars. This would certainly be the most dramatic choice. Imagine how freaked out you would be if one of the liars disappeared for an episode or two. We get worried just thinking about it.

Toby. "A" has already proved s/he's willing to use Toby (Keegan Allen) to get to Spencer (Troian Bellisario). Sure, Spencer broke up with Toby at the end of the summer season, but she clearly still loves him. Spence loves to push and push — maybe making Toby disappear is "A"'s way of getting Spencer to back down.

Mike. Mike (Cody Christian) spent all the the Season 2 summer season acting out. Yes, he's getting help now, but that doesn't mean he'll shape up right away. We could see him getting mixed up in bad business or deciding to run away to prove his independence, and we wouldn't put it past "A" to use that against Aria (Lucy Hale).

Who do you think will go missing? Vote in our poll, and chime in at our Facebook page!

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