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Puck Idolizes Ashton and Demi! Glee Season 3, Episode 6 Pop Culture References

Namedrops abound on Glee. More often than not, a famous person's name is used as an insult to take someone down a peg or two — and that's something we totally support! To help you keep it all straight, we've compiled a list of the names and pop culture references deemed important enough to be dropped by Glee characters in Season 3, Episode 6: “Mash Off.” Did you catch them all?

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Puck: It's happened: The Lion King, Puckfasa, has been caged.

Puck: Besides, the age difference isn't that crazy — just look at Ashton and Demi, Indiana Jones and Ally McBeal, Woody Allen and that Chinese girl.

Puck: I guess I just, uh, dig Van Halen.

Brittany: Rachel Berry is still on MySpace, and thus unfit to lead.

Sue: Have a seat, Yasser.

Puck: I dream about us being together, a real family: taking stupid pictures for our Hanukkah cards, renting an RV and all of us hitting Coachella.

Artie: What about The Clash?
Blaine: Uh, The Police?
Mike: R.E.M.!
Kurt: No. Spice Girls.
Puck: Jonas Brothers.

Finn: People think Hall and Oates are famous for their cool, puffy hair and that dude's banging 'stache.

Rachel: I wrote to Patti LuPone on her website, but I haven't heard from her yet, so...

Santana: It's on, Pillsbury Dough Turd.

Santana: Who died and made you queen, Aretha?

Kurt: Although she knows it to be untrue, my opponent Brittany stated that my face was used as a template for Hasbro’s successful line of My Little Ponies.

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11.19.2011 / 06:30 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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