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Jersey Shore

Snooki Calls BS on the Fashion Police, But Joan Rivers Still Wants to Meet Her

You only need to watch a few minutes of Jersey Shore to realize the Snooki marches to the beat of her own, probably drunk and spray-tanned, drummer. She's small, she's loud, she wanders around Italy looking like a leopard-printed street walker, and she's not going to let anybody get her down.

So when Joan Rivers insulted Snooki's fashion sense once again on her show Fashion Police, Snooki took to Twitter to fight back.

"When is the fashion police & all fashion critics going to realize IDGAF if u dont like my outfit? Im tacky, gaudy & different. Deal with it :]," she tweeted.

JWOWW agreed, saying, "The moment me n @Sn00ki conform to the latest trends is the moment we don't lead... I'm no follower lol." Snooki retweeted this message, adding "Def not hollywood -_-"

Take that, fashion industry! The guidette style isn't a painful eyesore, it's just ahead of it's time. Duh.

How did Fashion Police host Joan Rivers take the message? Very well, actually. "Oh I LOVE @Sn00ki!," she tweeted. "Don't be silly. Let’s meet and shake hands - but first I must see my doctor and get an antibiotic shot!" She added, "And yes my dear @Sn00ki I will try to 'deal with it' on @e_FashionPolice. Busy now looking for rubber gloves to match my outfit."

Now we really want to see Snooks on Fashion Police. We're sure her take on Hollywood fashion would be unique, to say the least.

Source: Twitter

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