Most Eligible Dallas’ Matt Nordgren: I Won’t Exclude Another Relationship With Courtney Kerr — Exclusive
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Most Eligible Dallas

Most Eligible Dallas’ Matt Nordgren: I Won’t Exclude Another Relationship With Courtney Kerr — Exclusive

Talk about a complicated situation.

In the finale of Most Eligible Dallas’ first season, Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr finally took their friendship to another level by locking lips, but by the time Andy Cohen confronted then on Watch What Happens Live following the episode, both reality stars said there was nothing going on between them other than friendship.

While we’re keen to believe they’re romantically kaput (as we saw Matt kiss a mystery blonde just moments before teasing a fairytale ending to the show in September) we’re also sure that a kiss never comes without consequences.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted up Matt at the OP Winter Wonderland to find out when Season 2 will pick up, and what on earth has been going on since they stopped filming Season 1.

“Here’s the thing, I’m at a place where when the right thing comes along I’m ready to settle down,” Matt tells us. “But I wasn’t a year ago. Going through what I went through with Courtney and everything I’ve been through since, I think that I’m in that place now.”

Matt says his “relationship” with Courtney was something the two of them both needed to get out of their system, but wouldn’t rule out another shot at making it work.

“I’m not going to exclude that from ever happening,” he admits to us.

It seems like wherever they end up, Courtney and Matt are going to have quite a bit to hash out if Most Eligible Dallas returns for its second season (the show is currently up for renewal by Bravo), and it will be just as awkward as one could expect.

“We’ve not had a lot of communication, so I feel like we’d be right back in it,” he says. “There’s some things I’m not happy about. There’s some things she’s not happy about with me. But if we get Season 2 started up, I think we’re going to attack those [issues] right on, so you’ll see a lot of drama in the beginning, because we both have some things to discuss.”

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