Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell: ”We’re This Close to Finding Out Who ‘A’ Is” — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell: ”We’re This Close to Finding Out Who ‘A’ Is” — Exclusive

If you’re addicted to Pretty Little Liars then clearly you love a good mystery. Well, we’re about to add a few puzzle pieces to the second half of season two, which returns on Monday, January 2.

At the OP Winter Wonderland party in Los Angeles, Wetpaint Entertainment asked Shay Mitchell (Emily) to describe the upcoming episodes, and what we heard does not disappoint.

“It’s really intense – even more intense than the first season, I think,” she told us. “Fights, a lot of kissing, new hot people and [we’re] this close to finding out who ‘A’ is, if we haven’t already found out.”

In regards to all that kissing, it seems like Emily and Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson) may be in for some rough times, as Shay’s unsure about their “happily ever after”.

“Who knows what Emily is doing,” she told us. “I’m not actually sure. Yes, Maya is back, but it’s Rosewood and things are always up and down so we’ll see. But Emily is having fun.”

With a hot new addition to the cast, in Aussie actor Lachlan Buchanan, it seems one of the other girls will be having fun as well.

“He’s fresh meat to Rosewood, so we’re all learning about him,” Shay says of his character, Duncan. “I don’t actually know much about him yet. I’ve only shot one scene with him.”

Shay hints that Duncan will interact with a couple of the girls, specifically, and while his relationship with them remains – duh – a mystery, it’s safe to say the Australian is making an impression behind the scenes.

“He’s not Australian on the show, but he’s got a really cute Australian accent and I love hearing him speak American,” says Shay. “I’m like, “Speak American!!” and he’s like, “Shay, it’s English.”

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