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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 17: All Stars Clip Show: Top 5 Things We Want to See

We’ve had so much fun watching America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All Stars these past few months. From the (apparently overly exaggerated) catfights to the ridiculous challenges (“you’re NeNe on the back of a motorcycle!”), and everything in between, we’ve been entertained from the start.

With only four modelstants left in the running, the ladies take a break this Wednesday, November 23rd, and we’ll be treated to a clip show featuring this cycle’s highlights. We thought of at least five clips we know we’d want to watch again:

1. Clumsy Catwalkers
One of our favorite versions of schadenfreude is watching models fall down. Sorry! It’s just fun watching one of the world’s most beautiful women gliding like an Amazonian breeze down the runway until, whoops! Down she goes. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could get a whole bloopers reel from Cycle 17: All Stars? We imagine Lisa pulling her groin while perfecting her mid-air splits; Bianca choking on a pickle; and Shannon getting pants’ed by Angelea.

2. The Men Behind the Models
In Episode 8: “Game,” we saw a brief glimpse of a pretty normal-looking guy whom Lisa called her “fiance.” After the episode aired, Shannon began tweeting that producers completely cut out the scenes of her and her husband, and how all four of them had hung out. We need to see those cut scenes!

3. Life in the 716
We once knew a guy who rode a motorcycle, grew up in a tough neighborhood, and had tons of tattoos — one of which was his hard knocks area code. So we love a good bad girl who’s proud of her roots. Angelea’s most hard-up moments would work fantastically in a Best Of compilation.

Credit: Chris Frawley/The CW ©2011    

4. Camille’s Cash Flow
What was the story behind Camille’s reaction to receiving all those new clothes during Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker”? All the girls were doing their best twirls and squeals over free clothes, but Camille sulked in a corner and mumbled something about her “responsibilities.” Why the long face? We’d like an explanation!

5. Andre’s Cool Sh*t Tally
Have you ever seen a man on television who has this much fun with his own clothes? Sure, Tim Gunn has a ball on Project Runway, the DWTS pros are all about jazz and sparkle clown clothing; and of course there is always Carson Kressley. But between his rice paddy hats and his enormous capelets, ALT takes the prize for Most Fascinating Fashion Worn on Reality TV. Montage, please!

Honorable mention: If we could please see Isis in that tiny hat fit for a Royal Wedding again, and find out where she bought that thing, we’d appreciate it.

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