Gossip Girl Spoilers! The Royal Wedding: Will Chuck Stop Blair From Walking Down the Aisle?
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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Spoilers! The Royal Wedding: Will Chuck Stop Blair From Walking Down the Aisle?

As the cast of GG assembled over the weekend to celebrate filming of their 100th episode, attention quickly shifted away from the merriment and toward the details of the ep ― Will the wedding happen? What’s to become of Blouis? What about the photos of B running down the street in a panic? AND WHAT ABOUT CHUCK?!

Though the cast was extremely tight-lipped ― in fact, given the number of times they repeated themselves throughout the night, we’d guess they all had specific things they could say ― it sounds like all is not well in the kingdom of the Queen B, and fans can hold out hope that the royal nuptials will be curtailed...

While Ed Westwick (Chuck) was quick to put aside viewers’ dreams that his onscreen persona, Chuck, may be whisking B away on horseback come wedding day, he said, “I’ve actually been taking riding lessons... but no, it’s not going to happen. The horse part, that is.”

Might then some other variety of whisking be in the cards? Hmmm... Executive producer Stephanie Savage added to the mystery, saying that while “a wedding will take place in the episode,” she wouldn’t speak to “how much of a wedding.”

Cue collective SQUEEEE!

Ed also confirmed that Chuck and Blair will share scenes in the landmark 100th episode. And though he didn’t give any specifics, Ed did tell Entertainment Weekly that he thinks Chair fans will be pleased by the end of the episode.

“It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans…but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure,” he said.

Tell us! What’s your best guess for Chuck and Blair come wedding day?

Source: TVLine, EW

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