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How Much Did Edward and Bella’s Twilight Wedding Cost?

How much do immortal nuptials costs? It turns out that they’re actually quite reasonable!

The curious folks over at Centives decided to do a (dare we say overly) thorough analysis of set photos and Stephanie Meyer’s books to determine how many dollars and cents it cost to create Bella and Edward’s wedding.


We’re about as Twihard as most of y’all, but their in-depth dissection had even our mouths agape. For example:

Carolina Herrera designed the wedding gown that Bella wears in the film. Dresses made by the Venezuelan designer retail for around $6,000. By having Edward’s sisters do all of the hair and makeup without professional help, the couple saved a fair amount of money. Bella’s engagement ring was handed down through Edward’s family and so didn’t cost any money. Edward’s ring is never mentioned but on average a gent’s wedding band costs around $600. Right before Bella leaves the dressing room the book describes her slipping on a white garter. Victoria’s Secret sells these for $15.

And so it continues, nitpicking each and every detail at a granular level. So what is the final number Centives came up with? A reasonable (relatively-speaking) $38,000. The average American wedding cost $27.8k in 2010 — so the Cullen wedding isn’t too extravagent. Besides, we’re talking all eternity, people.

Considering that the movie made $80 million on its OPENING NIGHT, we’d call that a pretty good return on their investment. Kardashians, take note.

Source: Centives

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11.22.2011 / 02:52 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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