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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Catfight of the Week: Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida

NeNe Leakes wasn't invited to Kim Zolciak's baby shower this week, so the ladies managed to stay out of each other's faces once again.

Unfortunately, Cynthia Bailey was invited, along with her moody hubby. As a result, the man-claws came out big time.

No doubt, things were super awk from the get-go, since Peter's Uptown magazine article had just come out, where he basically bashed all the Atlanta Housewives (except for Cynthia and Kandi Burruss).

Specifically, he expressed his opinion that Sheree Whitfield is not cute — to which Sheree countered that having to ask your wife for money is not cute (burn!) — and, as far as Phaedra Parks goes, well, he can't stand her ass.

So, shortly after Peter and Cynthia join their table at the shower — five hours late, mind you — Phaedra brings up the article. Dun dun dunn. For the most part, it seems like the whole thing is going to blow over, but as Sheree cleverly pointed out, Peter might be the male version of NeNe. In other words, he's not happy without a good confrontation.

There's really only one way to describe what happened next: Peter picked a fight with Apollo. Cynthia can claim that Phaedra started it all she wants, but the only thing Phaedra did was refuse to put on a smile and pretend like Peter had not trashed her. Phaedra was totes entitled to call him out on his snarky interview!

Apollo was trying to keep cool, but Peter just kept egging him on. The final straw? Peter brought up the Apollo getting pulled over incident for no reason whatsoever. Naturally, both men were on their feet within seconds, threatening to take things outside, and causing an embarrassing scene. Brings new meaning to the term baby shower.

Apollo Nida, hands down. We gotta give Phaedra's hubby major props for not knocking Peter on his you know what. The worst thing to come out of Apollo's mouth was "You're too old, fool," which is, like, a fact. Even Cynthia was super mortified by her husband's behavior.