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Stana Katic: Tonight’s Episode Will Bring Castle and Beckett One Step Closer to a Relationship

Tonight’s intense Castle won’t just have Beckett shedding some Emmy-worthy tears, it’ll also have her at least thinking about shedding some of her old reservations — particularly when it comes to her relationship with one Rick Castle.

In a series of interviews, Stana Katic (Beckett) revealed that after “Kill Shot,” the detective darling will have a very different view of what she wants from the Caskett romance, as well as her own life. (Read: She’ll finally realize she wants to be with him. Huzzah!)

Katic says Beckett’s “been defining herself by her mother’s murder” for too long, and after tonight, she’ll finally realized she doesn’t want that anymore. "It's caused her to make certain decisions … she's unable to invest in a real relationship because of it. She's not willing to compromise living life anymore," Katic explains.

As hard as it is, Beckett owes this romantic revelation to her PTSD struggle on tonight’s episode.

"I think this episode brings them one step — one huge step — closer [to a relationship]," Katic tells Zap2It.

But there’s still one catch: Both Castle and Beckett are harboring massive secrets from one another, which could ultimately prevent them from being together.

"Beckett knows that Castle said 'I love you,' but she also knows that until she solves her mom's murder, she's no good in any relationship," Katic says. "And Castle knows more about Beckett's mom's murder case than he's willing to let her know because he doesn't want her to get killed."

Although the truth-withholding stems from a need to “protect each other in the interest of the relationship,” Katic says it would all be much easier — and they could probably be together — if they could just be honest.

When (or if) that happens remains to be seen, but either way, Katic believes Beckett is “finally coming to a space where she’s ready to dive into” a “fully committed” relationship — "in spite of the fact that she might never get the answers [from her mother’s murder] she is looking for.”

“They're right at the point of being together, which I can't wait for. I think they're perfect for each other." Katic said in an interview.

So, Katic isn’t worried about viewers jumping the shark? Not so much. She’s actually hopeful the “perfect” duo will get together sooner than later.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I want the two of them together and making out,” she said.

Right there with ya, girl.

Source: TV Overmind, xfinitytv, Zap2It