What Happened on Grey’s Anatomy Season 3?
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Grey's Anatomy

What Happened on Grey’s Anatomy Season 3?

Now that we're eight seasons in to Grey's Anatomy, we realize not everyone remembers the details of what came before — only the most devoted fans have their Grey's DVD collections memorized front to back. We understand, and we're here to help. So, if you need a quick refresher on what went down during Season 3, this is the place to be.

Major Medical Cases:

The most memorable bizarre medical case from Season 3 was a cancer patient whose herbal supplements react with her chemo, making her blood toxic. When the doctors open her up, they all pass out. That's a hard one to forget! And then there's the couple who get into a very awkward situation when the man's piercing gets stuck in the woman's diaphragm. Whoops!

Of course, there is also the three-episode long boat accident, which challenges all of the interns and almost leads to Meredith's death.

Character Introductions and Departures:

This season introduces Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), and sees the departure of Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) as a regular character. Addison left Seattle Grace to join a private practice in Grey's spin-off Private Practice.

Relationship Watch:

Derek, Meredith, and Finn: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) spends the first part of the season struggling with the decision between Derek and Finn, but when Derek walks away, she realizes he's the one she really wants. However, during the second half of the season their relationship is rocky, and they end the season on a question mark.

Cristina and Burke: Cristina helps Burke through the physical therapy and lies required to recover from his shooting at the end of Season 2, and they get engaged. However, they continue to fight as they prepare for the wedding because of their different outlooks on relationships. Burke realizes he is forcing Cristina to change, and walks away from the marriage.

George, Callie, Izzie, and Mark: George and Callie's relationship hits a snag when she wants to move too quickly, and she ends up dumping him when she has a one night stand with Mark after realizing that Izzie and Meredith will always come first. The couple gets back together in the wake of George's father's death, and they elope to Vagas, but their relationship continues to be strained. George sleeps with Izzie, and she says she is in love with him, leading George to consider transferring hospitals to save his relationship with Callie.

Addison, Mark, and Alex: Alex and Addison have an ongoing flirtation, which is complicated by Addison and Mark resuming their affair. In the end, after being rejected by Alex, Addison heads off to LA to join a private practice.

Alex and Rebecca/Ava: Alex bonds with a pregnant woman who has amnesia when he helps her form a new identity ("Ava"). However, her memory eventually returns (her real name is Rebecca Pope), and she leaves Seattle when Alex doesn't tell her to stay with him. He changes his mind, but is too late to catch her.

Richard and Adele: Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) faces marital problems with his wife Adele, who has an affair because she is sick of his ignoring her. She becomes pregnant and tries to keep the baby despite being 52, and Richard sticks with her, even though he thinks the baby isn’t his. In the end the pregnancy fails, Adele admits the baby was Richard's, and the couple decides to give their marriage another try.

Other notable developments:

  • Mark joins the staff at Seattle Grace.
  • Izzie inherits a fortune from Denny, and founds The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic with it.
  • Meredith almost drowns. She survives, but in the same episode, her mother dies.
  • Addison finally admits to Derek that she had several month long affair with Mark, leading to a break up of their tentative post-divorce friendship, which they slowly repair over the course of the season.
  • Meredith's father returns, and they begin to form a positive relationship, until his second wife dies at Seattle Grace.
  • Richard almost retires, prompting a fight for the role of chief amongst the residents, but in the end he keeps the job.
  • At the end of the season, George fails his intern exams.

Memorable Moments:
It's Over, It's So Over: Cristina breaks down after Burke runs away before their wedding.

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