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True Blood

Anne Rice Clears Ups Her Twilight Comments and Reveals She’s Hot for Alcide

Vampire matriarch Anne Rice came under fire a few weeks ago when she dared to say that her vampires could take down Twilight’s glitterati, and now she’s setting the record straight.

“Oh, I was just joking,” Anne says. “People ask me what I think about that, and I finally pretended that Lestat and Louis were real and gave their opinion on what they thought of the vampires in Twilight."

"Unfortunately, I think some of Stephenie Meyer readers took it the wrong way, came to my Facebook page, and were quite unpleasant. But I think they’re very … young. It was quite a ruckus!”

Anne might have it out for the Twihards, but she has nothing but vampy love for us Truebies.

“Charlaine Harris is doing something different by imagining what it’s like if vampires are legal and you have them living in your Southern town,” Anne says, “and I think she gets a tremendous amount of energy out of that. She’s very witty — there’s a lot of satire there — and on the HBO show True Blood, there’s even a romance with Vampire Bill.”

Anne might have the hots for Beeeeill, but a certain swarthy werewolf owns her heart.

“Oh, yeah, I like Alcide,” she confesses. “I like that actor [Joe Manganiello] a lot, and I think the character’s hot.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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11.23.2011 / 11:36 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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