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Teen Mom

Catfight Alert: Jenelle and Bestie Amber Lane Feud Over Boyfriend

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is rocking out her probation, but her personal life is far from drama-free. Jenelle and her new roomie, Amber Lane, have been living together since October, but it looks like there’s trouble in BFF paradise!

Jenelle took it to Facebook to tell her side of the story (whilst simultaneously reinterpreting the English language):

this is the latest scooppp… me and amber arent friends no more BECUZ im on probation.. as everyone knows.. anddddd she wants her current b, who JUST CHEATED ON HER when we went to NYC, to live at our house. well my PO stopped by last night and seen his truck and said if i see yu and him over here together then yu guys are going to jail. well i tell amber and him “im sorry but he cant live here …and be here while i am no more” and she literally FLIPPED OUT on me and told me “im not changing MY life for yu” when she KNEW my terms of probation before we even moved in together… like wtf.

Summary: Jenelle doesn't want Amber's boyfriend hanging around because it might jeopardize her probation.

Of course, Amber has a totally different side to the story, which involves everyone’s favorite pothead, Kieffer Delp. Amber claims that Jenelle let Kieffer stay at their pad when he was released from jail, so she and her son left the apartment for good to get away from his bad influence.

Jenelle fired back again with this gem:

lets see…. ive never seen kieffer. he never came to my house. I CALLED MY LANDLORD and told her how her [Amber’s] “f**k buddy” JOE WHITAKER is a drug dealer and needs to stay away from me AND her son. not to mention MY LANDLORD TOLD ME to report back to her tomorrow morning about ME removing MY name off the lease becuz amber is too stuck up joes ass. im also very disappointed how her son has to wake up to… a different man in “mommy’s bed” every morning. :/ very veryyyy sad. not to mention she washes her son in our dirty kitchen sink.

Jenelle better find an alibi, because if Kieffer was staying with her, she violated her parole and could go back to jail! We’re seriously worried about what might happen to this girl’s extensions if she get thrown behind bars again.

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11.23.2011 / 10:22 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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