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The Bachelor

Erica Rose and Melissa Schreiber Dish on Ben Flajnik as the Next Bachelor — Exclusive!

Personally, we love Ben Flajnik. Truth be told, we were a little disappointed when we found out he was the Season 16 Bachelor, because we wanted him all to ourselves! But what do Bachelor Pad 2’s Erica Rose and Melissa Schreiber think? Read on to find out what they have to say about Storm Horse, as well as what advice they would give to girls on the show.

Erica Rose and Melissa Schreiber Dish on Ben Flajnik as the Next Bachelor — Exclusive!
Credit: Craig Sjodi/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

What do you think of Ben?
Erica Rose: I think he’s definitely hot. He’s very sexy. I think so. He has a vineyard, he’s a winemaker. He’s a good looking guy. I think it will be a great season.
Melissa Schreiber: I don’t know Ben. I met him once. I think he’ll do a good job.

What’s your first impression?
Melissa: Nice guy. But I don’t know him. You know what, he’s not like the authentic Bachelor guy that they usually go for, he’s a little bit different, from what I’ve heard. He’s more creative. He’s just different.

What would be your advice to the girls going in?
Erica: Just hopefully they’re there for the right reasons, and just to be genuine and real and enjoy the experience because it’s really fun. And not to get carried away with anything or develop attitudes because that’s always annoying. But I guess now they’re all trying to be as crazy as they can so they can be on Bachelor Pad.
Melissa: Don’t do everything that the producers tell you to do. Be your own person. Do your own thing or you’re going to get yourself in trouble.

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