Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter    
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Jersey Shore

Happy Birthday, Snooki! 24 Reasons Why We Love the Original Meatball

Snooki already celebrated her 24th birthday in style last week, which was a riot — though most of the really fun stuff probably stayed in Vegas. And wasn’t it considerate of her to rearrange her birthday celebration around Thanksgiving? Even the new skinny Snooks loves to feast.

We thank Snooki every day for bringing us into her world for the past three years, and it really feels like the tiniest meatball of them all is a family member. So we came up with a reason why we love her, for every blessed year the Pouf has been in action.

1. She made meatball soup in Florence.
2. She loves pickle pancakes.
3. Her enormous fluffball boots/slippers.
4. She created a brand new ethnic group: “I’m not white, I’m tan!”
5. The pouf!
6. She declared that she is the Princess from Poughkeepsie on Season 1, Episode 1.

Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter    

7. She can hold her liquor. And then some.
8. She gets along with everyone in the house really well (except Mike, but nobody gets along with Mike now).
9. She can wear the tiniest scraps of clothing and call them “a dress.”
10: She knows how to charm the press (Matt Lauer, Conan, Jimmy Kimmell).
11. She has no shame when it comes to her fashion (admitting it’s “gaudy”).
12. She lost weight using healthy methods.

Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter    

13. She calls her Twitter followers “tweedos.”
14. Her adorable “WAH!”
15. She’s a seductress.
16. She likes to throw things.
17. She’s a really good dancer.
18. She’s the go-to Halloween costume.

Credit: Don MacCarthy/London Ent/Splash    

19. She is a New York Times best selling author.
20. Her new neon fancy footwear.
21. She was born in Santiago, Chile.
22. She was on MTV’s Is She Really Going Out With Him? with a guy named Justin the “Jerz Pud” before she hit it big.
23. She’s actually turned out to be a great business lady.
24. She’s a cat person.

Happy birthday, Snooki, from everyone at Wetpaint Entertainment!

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