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America's Next Top Model

Isis Talks Orgasams: 5 WTF Moments From America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Clip Show

This week, America’s Next Top Model All-Stars took a trip to a frightening place called Flashback City, in which we recapped Cycle 17 and saw some –– wait for it! –– unseen footage of the modelstants. This rare documentary expedition unveiled even more drekitude that the entire season thus far, and we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Prepare to find out more than you ever wanted to about Shannon’s “alone time.”

1. Isis Chats About Orgasms!
Despite Chaz Bono sashaying his way into our hearts on Dancing With the Stars, the American public still hasn’t come to terms with the transgendered community. Fear not, Lady Isis' un-bridled story telling about orgasms and urethrae wizened America up.

2. Alexandria’s Drek’d Out Montage
Things we’ve learned from watching Alexandria’s unseen footage: 1) It’s never a good idea to scooter down a hallway in a maxi dress. (Side note: Which cruel intern put scooters in the model mansion?) 2) Never allow yourself to be video-taped whilst styling your hair into a mohawk in the shower. 3) Burn all tie-dye clothes.

3. Lisa’s Drek’d Out Montage
Things we’ve learned from watching Lisa’s unseen footage: 1) It’s never a good idea to scooter down a hallways in a string bikini. 2) No one should allow Lisa to bring kitchen supplies into the bath tub with her. 3) Lisa has a deep love and/or fetish for Marie Antoinette. 4) Fake teeth and stunner shades aren’t going to make you famous.

4. Tyra’s Voice Over
Someone needs to hire Tyra for story time at a local library because she’s made for doing jazzy and fun voice overs. Clearly whoever programmed her control panel really cared about perfect dictation. Her narration of the highlights episode is nothing short of Razzie-worthy.

5. Bianca Doesn’t Eat Off of Dishes
Guys, all the cool girls are so over dishes. Why eat a small handful of Cheerios in a bowl when you can hold a sad paper towel in your hand and shovel food in your mouth with your fingers like a little bird?

6. The Models Crush On Kim Kardashian’s Assets
Kayla’s the only top model in Tyra’s House of Horror who loves the ladies, but the moment Kim Kardashian’s krazy booty hit the scene the ladies we’re licking their chops. Honestly we’ve never seen them hungrier. Kimmy’s lucky she got out of that room alive –– even Angelea confessed that she wanted to “squeeze” her famous derriere. Baby got back!

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