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The X Factor

LeRoy Bell On His X Factor USA Elimination: “It Was Dramatic”

The X Factor Results show for Week 10 led to the elimination of the ageless Leroy Bell. Though his survival song was "Don't Bring Me Down," the judges did by forcing a "deadlock" and subjecting him to the beaks and talons of American votes. Democracy will cut you. In his exit interview, however, LeRoy expressed no regrets. In fact, he seemed... grateful. Said the thankful one:

“I have no regrets at all. I’m completely happy...but obviously I would’ve wanted to stay a little bit longer, but I made it past the top ten, got millions of fans now, and be able to get my records out there.”

That's the kind of gentle response and at-peaceness we expect from the classy codger, but... was there any anxiety? Is there a dark side?

Nope! Tolled the Bell: “It was dramatic. I feel good though. I’m in a good place right now. I think I accomplished what I came to do which was to gain a lot of fans. What I wanted to do was to get my name out there so I can tour more, sell records.”

He's a nice guy, folks, and he likes you too: "My fans, they supported me through thick and thin. I mean, they probably wore out their fingers voting for me. They’re the best fans in the world."

Class plus act = Class Act!

We'll be watching your career with great interest, LeRoy. Hope to see you on the stage for the reunion special!

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11.24.2011 / 11:44 PM EDT by Addison Walker
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