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Revenge Recap of Season 1, Episode 9, “Suspicion”: Childhood Crush

Emily (Emily VanCamp)’s morning gets off to an enviable start with Daniel (Josh Bowman) and a Hampton’s sunrise, but as usual, all is not well. With everything weighing on her mind, she didn’t sleep well. Sadly, things are just about to get harder for our girl.

Next door, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) finds herself helping Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) with duties outside of a party planner’s job description. Fortunately, Victoria takes over caring for Lydia, leaving Ashley free to go whine to Tyler. He cheers her up with an invitation to watch him and Daniel play beach volleyball.

At the harbor, Amanda finds Jack (Nick Wechsler) with his boat. She asks about its namesake, though she already knows. He reveals that Amanda was a childhood crush, but he seems ready to move on when he invites her to take a spin around the harbor with him later.

A large crowd watches the Tyler-Daniel volleyball showdown, but Emily and Ashley are more focused on discussing Daniel’s new living situation. Emily argues that it’s temporary, and Ashley spills that Queen Victoria has been more difficult than ever with her favorite son moved out. An urgent call from Nolan (Gabriel Mann) interrupts their conversation: “Amanda is on the Amanda.” He tells Emily to get to the harbor ASAP.

Victoria brings a meal to Lydia, but her frenemy doesn’t have an appetite. She reveals that she remembers exactly what happened at the benefit. Victoria gives an ambiguous smile, but a visit from the Hamptons Police Department puts the conversation on hold. They explain that they have a search warrant because Frank’s phone is transmitting a signal from somewhere on their property. Victoria’s very confused, so the officer clarifies that they believe Conrad killed him out of jealousy.

Emily catches up with Amanda and asks why she didn’t leave. Amanda uses an excuse about being stopped by security. When she went to Emily’s house to discuss it, she saw that she was distracted by “Boy Billionaire.” Emily tries to suggest other options, but Amanda tells her she’s tired of running and just wants to have a home and friends. Maybe ones who don’t pay her?

Over at Conrad (Henry Czerny)’s office, we learn that Daniel beat Tyler at volleyball. His roomie’s more than a little pissy about it, but perks up at Conrad’s suggestion for another competition. The two have to sign new investors at an upcoming party, and there’s commission on the line.

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Amanda is enjoying a drink at the Stowaway when Nolan shows up and tries to convince her that she should take the money and go. He warns that Emily has a way of getting rid of people, but Amanda says there would be a ripple effect. She huffs off, and then Jack comes over to see where “Kara” went. (So many aliases, we can barely keep track!) As Nolan also makes his exit, he’s shocked to see Victoria enter the bar. She’s looking for Declan and ends up walking on him in a towel. Awkward. Undeterred, she tells him to name the price it would take to keep him away from her Charlotte.

While Daniel and Emily do research on investors, she gets a call from Nolan. He’s freaking out because he watched the footage from his whale cam and saw Tyler reading Lydia’s shredded speech from the benefit. Emily thinks he wants to blackmail the Graysons, but Nolan disagrees because Tyler tried to money out of him. She tells him that it’s his job to get rid of him, so he should invest as a distraction. Once they hang up, she calls someone else and simply says, “I found Emily Thorne. I need to see you.”

The next day, Jack asks Declan to open the bar for him so that he’s free to sail with Amanda. Once they’re gone, Charlotte calls to find out what her mom said. Declan says they need to talk. Meanwhile, Jack’s steering tutorial with Amanda turns into a makeout sesh.

Party preparations are in full swing at the Graysons when Conrad shows up. He goes to see Lydia, who begs him to help her get out of there. She doesn’t like that his wife took away her phone and is handling her medications. Can’t say we blame her! Meanwhile, that same ice woman watches happily as Charlotte announces that Declan has broken up with her.

As the new investors’ party kicks off, Daniel attempts to bond with a Japanese business man by telling him he’s been to Disneyland in Tokyo. We think he’s going to need more than that to get $20 mil out of him! Luckily, Emily steps in and wows him with her ability to speak Japanese. He offers to get her a drink at the bar, and Daniel gamely lets them go. Once there, they abruptly switch to English. It looks like he must be who she called earlier, because he tells her, “As you were warned, revenge is a stony path.” They watch Victoria make her entrance, and he asks how he can be of service.

Daniel laments his sorry attempt at wooing the investor to Emily while they watch Tyler make better progress. Victoria approaches them, apologizes to Emily, and asks Daniel to move home. Turns out he’s not ready to forgive her. Instead, he leaves her to talk to more investors.

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Tyler engages Nolan in conversation, and Nolan pretends he was initially upset about Tyler’s sticky fingers before deciding that he’s impressed. They go looking for a private room, where Nolan agrees to invest. His conditions are that Tyler must stop lying and stealing from him and they’ll spend more “quality time” together. As Tyler gives him a “thank you” kiss, Ashley walks in. She takes off, and Tyler goes after her. He catches up and plays off the kiss as him doing whatever it takes to get ahead. He even suggests that she needs to step up her game. It looks like she’s considering it when Conrad comes to tell Tyler that he won the investment competition. In the meantime, Nolan uses the opportunity to find the shredded speech.

Jack and Amanda are still on the boat, and she tells him that she’s never been happier. Suddenly, she’s overcome by emotion. Jack listens as she explains that things haven’t been going well for her in a long time. He presses her to elaborate, and she tells him that he knew her father a long time ago. A look of pure joy crosses his face as he puts the pieces together. Aww! It’s cute how happy he is to find his childhood crush… if only it were really her.

With the party over, Victoria goes to check on Lydia, only to have Conrad smugly inform her that she’s gone. He makes it clear that they’re not a team anymore. In other bad news for Victoria, Charlotte shows up at Declan’s. Not as a spurned lover, but as a co-conspirator. He tells her that her mom gave him $25,000, and things heat up. Apparently, scheming is an aphrodisiac.

Ashley says good night to Victoria before heading out, and suddenly decides to ask why she was hired. Her boss says it’s because she’s the best… and because she’s Emily’s best friend. She wants to know if Ashley was surprised that Emily and Daniel moved in together so quickly, and Ashley says no because Emily gets what she wants. She adds that she can be “tricky,” which really piques Victoria’s interest. The two set a brunch date for the next morning. Ashley certainly took Tyler’s advice to heart.

Jack brings Amanda over to Emily’s to look at the porch swing. He explains to Emily that Amanda is the girl he told her about who once lived there. Emily goes along with it, but watches in silent rage as Amanda takes Jack’s hand and shares how happy she is to be home. We flash back once more to Emily and Amanda in the old days. After they parted ways, Emily took out a note saying she should call Satoshi if she decided to go down “this path.” She dialed the number and announced that she was ready to begin her training. The recipient of the call, of course, was the man from the party. You have learned well, grasshopper...

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Victoria updates Conrad on Frank’s case and doesn’t believe him when he suggests that it was planted by whoever installed the camera at Lydia’s. He warns her that if he’s framed, he’ll make sure she loses everything important to her. Being Queen Victoria, she doesn’t act intimidated. My, how ugly things have gotten.

Emily reads about Frank’s death, and then we flash back to her quizzing Amanda on her new identity. She explains how hard it for her when people discover who her father is. Amanda asks her how she grew up with him without knowing who he really was.

At the Stowaway, Nolan tries to talk Jack out of seeing Amanda, and then later calls Emily to figure out why she hasn’t been able to get rid of her yet. She tells him she has to give her time before trying again. When they hang up, Nolan gets another call. This time, it’s about credit card fraud. He realizes that Tyler must have swiped one from him, which is correct. It turns out the shady guy bought Ashley a $5,000 dress to wear to the new investors party. When Nolan calls to confront him, he’s not even fazed. He agrees to meet up with him and says he had business to discuss with him anyway. Some people have no shame.

Emily finds an unexpected guest at her door: Victoria. They talk, and Emily apologizes for hiding her past. She suggests that everyone has things in their past they wish they could change, which makes Victoria remember watching Emily’s dad, David (James Tupper), search for his laptop as she convinced him to put off going public with their relationship. The two agree to move forward, but Victoria still promises that Emily will regret it if she hurts Daniel. Now quasi-friends, Emily even tries to convince Daniel to forgive her when they meet up later.

At Nolan’s, Tyler offers up his thanks for the money and justifies his actions by saying that Nolan had offered his help. His twisted logic is that it’s okay to steal from someone if you have a mutually beneficial agreement. Nolan sets him straight, but Tyler still doesn’t get it. He asks him to invest $20 million with Conrad’s company at the party. Again, Nolan denies him, and then leaves. Tyler immediately gets on his computer, but unbeknownst to him, Nolan is catching it all on the whale camera.

Meanwhile, Victoria tries to deal with her own messes. She tries to talk Charlotte (Christa Allen) out of dating Declan (Connor Paolo) by confiscating her keys and cell phone. Next, she visits Lydia, who wants to talk. Victoria shuts her down by telling her she needs to rest. She hands her ex-bestie a pill, which she appears to take, but then spits out as soon as Victoria leaves.

11.24.2011 / 12:46 PM EDT by Stephanie Long
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