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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Man Jionni Has His Own T-Shirt Company Called NJ Fatman

Jionni Lavalle, otherwise known as Snooki’s non-gorilla, is many things: passionate about his girlfriend, the kind of guy you can bring home to Dad, and a fan of Pauly D-style hair gel. One thing he is not? Fat. So why is Jionni’s clothing company called NJ Fatman?

According to his company site, the phrase comes from one boozy weekend Jionni spent with his best bros on the Shore, filled with drinks, video games, and food. They called it Fat Man Weekend, way back in 1996. Finally, the concept has wings!

Possible former fat kid fantasies aside, how could we have known Jionni for so long and not even own one of his t-shirts? They come in men’s and women’s styles, all sizes, and white or black. They are unique because they say what is apparently Jionni’s catchphrase: Give Me a Scotch, I’m Starving.

We’re definitely staying tuned to see the advertised “Future Fatman Sayings,” which we hope involve Snooki’s “WAH” in some way.

Source: NJ Fatman

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