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Lea Michele Is the Filling in a Glee Guy Sandwich — Cute Christmas Pic of the Day!

Now that the Turkey is cold, we think it’s safe to start getting into full Christmas mode, which won’t be too hard thanks to the Twitter-happy Glee cast.

Lea Michele was the latest star to tweet a pic from the snow-kissed future (aka the set of Glee’s Christmas episode), and more noteworthy than the number of bows Rachel manages to fit in one outfit is the fact that she’s sandwiched between McTrouty (Chord Overstreet) and Mc...Ginty
(wow, that worked out well).

Credit: via Lea Michele's Twitter    

Looks like they’re in a mall type of setting, and since Lea also tweeted that Cory Monteith was there, too, filming a scene with them, this may or may not be a hint at which Glee guy will be shopping for a diamond in the same episode. Although Cory’s Finn “My Football Career Peaked In High School” Hudson might be too down about his (lack of a) post-McKinley High future to consider giving Rachel anything close to a ring. But... crazier things have happened in Lima!

Source: Twitter

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