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The X Factor

The X Factor Results: Lakoda Rayne Falls

The story of Lakoda Rayne had been a narrative of multiple survivals until the X Factor elimination results show on November 23rd, 2011. Of course, everyone left has struggled and survived multiple times but not exactly like Lakoda Rayne. They were rejected once each as individuals then rescued by the producers who assembled them into a super-group. Then, this Frankenstein's assemblage watched as America began to vote off group after group in succession. Groups seemed doomed, and yet... they broke the trend and the Curse of Paula and lived another week. They got to watch in comfort and safety last week as Stacy Francis and Astro wailed for mercy.

It came to an end rather suddenly, however, when they were told to pack their bags seconds after their contribution to the Top 9's circus freakout ensemble.

How did they deal with it?

Paige Elizabeth told the official X Factor USA page: “It would’ve been nice to sing for survival but whatever happens, happens...I think for everybody in this competition, it can happen at any time. And I know this isn’t the end for us.”

Cari Fletcher added, “We were a little bit confused by everything that happened and to be honest, we weren’t really expecting it. Last night was one of our best performances and we finally felt like we were coming into our own and really finding out where we were supposed to be. And it’s disappointing to go this early when we’ve come so far.”

It's true their Taylor Swift number from the previous evening was their best, and with the way Astro had been behaving, it really did seem they might stick around a fewww more weeks, but...

“We have no regrets," Dani Knights said, "Everything has been such an adventure, such an amazing experience. We’ve worked with the best of the best. We’ve never been this close to our dreams in our entire lives and we want to thank The X Factor for putting us together. We’re glued together, we’re like sisters.”

So... what happens now? Hayley Orrantia (the last of the foursome) gives a hint: “Dani already lives here in California, Paige has just recently moved out here. And so me and Cari are the only ones left...but we’re going to finish high school and hopefully we’ll be out here soon to start our career as a group!”

Dani jumped back in to add “You’ll definitely see more of us. We want to be that next country pop group out there!”

Finish high school? It's so easy to forget how young some of these contestants are. Study hard, friends, and we'll see you again soon.

Source: The X Factor USA

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11.25.2011 / 12:24 AM EDT by Addison Walker
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