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Which Scene From Breaking Dawn: Part One is Causing Seizures in Movie Theaters?

The Twilight series has always provoked intense physical feelings among its fans: heart rates suddenly speeding up every time Taylor Lautner takes off a piece of clothing, hoarse throats from all the screaming at Edward Pattinson, and jaw pain from all the grinning fans do whenever Bella and Edward are on-screen together.

But seizures? According to ABC News, “Several instances of people saying they have developed seizures during the tense birthing scene in Breaking Dawn: Part One have been reported. The in-theater seizures, also known as photosensitive epilepsy, are thought to be a result of the bright flashing of red, black and white during the film’s nerve-wracking scene.”

We remember hearing tales of people getting nauseous during classic horror movies of the past — Exorcist barf bags were infamously given out, and fainting was common for Psycho’s movie theater audience — but we never thought Breaking Dawn: Part One, or any Twilight movie for that matter, would reach fright night levels of horror.

So beware: along with all that heart flips expected when watching the newest movie, keep your eyes closed during that scary childbirth scene if you don’t want to freak out too hard.

Source: ABC News

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11.25.2011 / 09:32 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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