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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Strikes Back By Insulting All of the Housewives!

For those of you that think Cynthia Bailey doesn’t have a backbone, think again! It looks like Cynthia is quickly morphing into the Alex McCord of Atlanta — she found her voice and now she doesn’t know when to shut up.

While we respect Cynthia’s opinion, her recent blog post on BravoTV seemed just an attempt to counter any seemingly mean thing the other housewives have ever said about her. Cynthia’s post details every insult before she offers some biting words of her own.

First up is Kim Zolciak. In last week’s episode, Kim mentioned that Cynthia arrived at her shower five hours late, and didn’t even bring a gift for the new baby. Cynthia countered, “Kim said I did not bring a present. I brought her the exact same present that she brought me to my wedding. Nothing. It took me hours to pick it out, and it was perfect.”

Can you say burn?! To be fair, Kim has adamantly denied Cynthia’s claims that she didn’t give her a wedding gift.

But Cynthia wasn’t done yet! Poor Sheree Whitfield seems to bear the brunt of emotional tailspin. While Sheree has made it clear that she thinks Cynthia is nothing more than NeNe Leakes’ puppet, Cynthia’s response to Sheree’s digs was a bit unwarranted to sat the least.

She writes, “The only thing that Sheree knows about me is that I'm always up NeNe's a**. And all I know about Sheree is that she lost her man, lost her house, and lost her car. Did I leave anything out?...Peter thought he was going to punk Apollo? Epic fail! You must be thinking about She By Sheree. That was an epic fail.”

Damn, Cynthia really knows how to kick a girl when she’s down.

As for Phaedra Parks’ choice words about Cynthia’s husband Peter, Cynthia wrote, “Village of children, a clean man, not using birth control and sleeping with everybody he ever met? Um. Throwing stones at a glass house is never wise. Strippers anyone?”

Once she was done venting, Cynthia managed to make one valid point. She wrote, “There were so many mean things said at my wedding by some of the girls that I couldn't imagine that anything Peter said would even be an issue. How does this work? They talk crazy about us whenever they feel like it, and then freak out if we say anything about them. I don't think so. The rules are simple. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you.”

Does this mean the ladies will play nice now?

Source: BravoTV