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The Bachelor

Stacey Gives Matt Grant Her Panties in the Season 12 Premiere — Best of The Bachelor

Note: Here’s our latest Best of the Bachelor piece highlighting funny/sweet/romantic/awkward moments in Bachelor history as a warm-up for the January 2 premiere of Season 16.

The Bachelor has a long tradition of crazy meet-and-greets and one of the wildest parties was on Matt Grant's The Bachelor: London Calling. You can watch pretty much the whole season on YouTube, but we're going to focus on Episode 1, Parts 4 and 5. Because they’re fun.

Part 4 starts with Matt arm-wrestling his future runner-up, Chelsea. He lets her win. (Or did she just kick his booty?)

At 1:05, Carri tries to catch Matt's attention by biting into a soda can and giving Matt a piece "to remember me by."

Around the 2 minute mark, a blonde Holly Durst — future Bachelor Pad 2 winner and dater of Jesse Csincsak, Michael Stagliano, and current fiance Blake Julian — tries to steal Matt away.

At 3:20, Ashlee performs a song she claims she wrote for him, marking her as the original Wes Hayden.

At 4:05, Amanda R. shows off her "chronic hiccups" which she develops when she's nervous. Somehow she gets the first impression rose. (Matt never did have good taste, bless him.)

At 5:30, Michelle P. breaks out her clarinet for a recital.

Around 6:20, Shayne Lamas — Matt's future fiancee, then nemesis — complains about all the tricks you have to play to get Matt's attention.

Around 7:30, The Stacey Show begins. As Marshana puts it, "I don't want to say anything negative but Stacey's a bitch. She's loud, belligerent, tasteless, tacky, classless. She's riding my nerves like a pony." Well! As long as you don't say anything negative...

The video ends with Stacey almost ready to seduce Matt. That real magic is at the start of Part 5 when she rubs his legs ... then later gives him a pair of her panties. "I'm so sorry,” British Matt tells the camera, holding up the underwear, “but that is not cool in any kind of way. I don't give a sh*t what country you're from, but that is not cool." And then she passes out before the rose ceremony. Love her.

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11.26.2011 / 07:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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