Best of So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer Stacey Tookey
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So You Think You Can Dance

Best of So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer Stacey Tookey

For this week's featured choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance, we're rocking a little Stacey Tookey. From her emotionally-charged routines to her sunny personality, we love, love, love this talented Canuck.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Stacey comes from a family full of dancers. The oldest of three kids — she has both a younger brother and sister — Stacey started in on her passion practically straight out of the womb since her mother owns a dance studio … well, that's convenient!

Her devotion and hard work definitely paid off, as Stacey isn't just an amazing, Emmy-nominated choreographer, but she's also a fantastic performer. The pretty blonde was a dancer with the Mia Michaels Company, as well as an original cast member of Celine Dion's A New Day … , her 5-year-running Las Vegas show.

Stacey has also danced with Ballet British Columbia, Fusion Dance Company, and as a member of the NBA’s Grizzlies Extreme Dance Team.

Lucky for all of us, we know Stacey via her phenomenal choreography on SYTYCD's U.S. and Canadian versions. Here are our top 3 routines from Stacey … see if you agree!

3. Season 5: "Falling Slowly" with Jonathan Platero and Karla Garcia

OMG, we so adore this song! Jonathan and Karla were utterly believable as a young couple falling in love, and it was mad romantic (even if Karla did walk away in the end, proving Nigel's point that contemporary choreographers need to know that some 'ships do work out)!

Of course, we knew Karla would nail it since she was dancing in her own style, but salsa boy Jonathan kept up with her magnificently and showed a tremendous display of strength, tossing Karla around as if she weighed a mere 10 pounds (when she clearly weighs more like 25 pounds).

Anyway, Stacey definitely wowed with this gorge performance, which marked her SYTYCD U.S. debut!

2. Season 7: "Jar of Hearts" with Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick

Not only was this routine truly breathtaking to watch, it also introduced us to Christina Perri and her beautiful song. Between Kathryn's gorgeousness and Billy's flawless technique, Stacey must have been in heaven choreographing for this pair. The result was one of those SYTYCD routines you always remember. Check it out in this video.

1. Season 6: "2 Steps Away" (aka "Fear") with Jonathan "Legacy" Perez and Kathryn McCormick

First and foremost: Legacy, who are you? We were totes impressed and surprised by the b-boy's unexpected knack for contemporary. This is one beautiful routine from Stacey, where she showed a portrayal of a woman (Kathryn) facing and dealing with her fears (Legacy).

The Emmy-nominated dance is filled with creative, cool lifts, and ends with Kathryn literally squashing down her fears … nice to see a happy ending in a contemporary piece for a change.

11.29.2011 / 12:40 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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