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Bones Season 7 Speculation! Is Something Terrible Happening to Booth’s Little Brother, Jared?

Confession: Certain staff members here at might be just a tiny bit in love with Booth’s brother, Jared.

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Yeah, we know Jared Booth (Brendan Fehr) is an irresponsible little Navy brat who’s always getting in trouble and needing big brother Seeley (David Boreanaz) to come to his rescue.

Of course we’re still a little upset that Jared decided to kiss Brennan (Emily Deschanel) back in Season 4, Episode 8 just because he could tell his older bro had a thing for her. Oh, and he turned out to be the killer in Season 4, Episode 25’s weird the alternate-universe scenario. That never bodes well.

But we still kind of love him. Partly, it’s because every girl secretly has a thing for the bad boys. And partly, it’s because our inner ‘90s child totally adored Brendan Fehr back in his days as Michael Guerin on the WB teen drama Roswell. (Sidenote: There is nothing wrong with cheesy ‘90s teen soaps. Don’t mock our love of them.)

Credit: FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

So when we saw Jared Booth’s name pop up in some recent Bones spoilers, we may have gotten a little bit excited. Then we thought about the context of the episode — and we sufficiently started freaking out.

Thursday night’s Bones Season 7, Episode 4: “The Male in the Male” is supposed to feature a devastating family tragedy for Booth. By all accounts, we will be in tears by the end of the episode.

Our question: Is Booth’s brother, Jared, going to die? Other than his grandfather, Hank, Jared is the possibly closest family member Booth has. Is Jared really getting killed off?!

Now, previous spoilers have led us to believe that Hank or Booth’s alcoholic father might be the ones in trouble … but maybe Bones is just trying to throw us off.

In Jim Halterman’s recent True or False Bones spoilers, he writes that in this week’s episode, “Besides Pops, Booth’s brother Jared also shows up.” So was that teaser true or false? The answer: “This one I’m going to let you find out when you watch the episode.”

Okay. Not particularly helpful. But if Jared wasn’t showing up in the episode at all — wouldn’t Halterman just come out and say so? Our best guess is that Jared makes a nontraditional cameo: like he appears in the show only by way of a voicemail, or in a letter, or possibly … as a corpse?

What do you think, Bones fans: Will Jared Booth be kicking the bucket this Thursday night? Or will another Booth be the one falling prey to Seeley’s unexpected family tragedy?

Update: Well, we have our answer, thanks to Fox's just-released sneak peek clips of the episode? Click on — but only if you're okay with major spoilers!

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11.29.2011 / 11:39 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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