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Glee Season 3 Sex Spoiler! Will Puck and Shelby DO IT in Episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl”?

What's coming up for Puck (Mark Salling) in this week's episode of Glee? God-willing, a haircut. Seriously, his awkwardly grown-out mohawk is a problem. Do you hear us Ryan Murphy? A PROBLEM. Can you at least stop using shots of him from the back where we can see his weird swooshy hair whorl? Anyway, back to the juice.

Between feeling hot for teacher, wanting to be a daddy to Beth, and juggling a wackadoo scorned baby-mama (*cough* Quinn), Puckerman has his season cut out for him.


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Episode 7, "I Kissed a Girl"). Oh, and Quinn finds out about it. Awk-warrrd. So, natch, Quinn plots to get Shelbz fired right before sectionals with this tidbit, but her new BFF Rachel (Lea Michele) — who’s trying to repent for her own sins — manages to talk her out of it for the sake of Beth's best interests.

Of course, Quinn, never to be out-hotted, tries to seduce Puck into making another baby with her. Using wine coolers. So, basically Quinn's on the express train to crazy town and god only knows if she's ever coming back. Plus, something will happen to Baby Beth that results in Puck and Shelby taking her to the ER. Hmm, is Mama Quinn to blame?

But the real kicker here is that Puck's feelings for Shelby seem to stem more from wanting to start a family than an innocent crush. And Mark Salling had an interesting take on Puck's objectives — namely that they weren't duplicitous in nature!

"Puck is going to be falling for Shelby and trying to make a family out of the situation," he told E! Online. "And his intentions are good, so I'm sure the outcome will be positive as well. And hopefully he'll have an active role in his daughter's life."

Uh, that doesn't sound like the Noah Puckerman bad boy charm we fell in love with. Maybe the droopy mohawk has done more good than harm for his future... ? (Nahhhh!)

Source: E! Online, Tumblr, Glee Fans Live

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11.29.2011 / 01:30 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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