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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Meltdowns Make Best Cries of 2011 List

Remember Season 1 of Jersey Shore? JWOWW had black hair with bleached tips, Snooki got punched, and the Situation and Ronnie fought over Sammi. But there is one major difference between that glorious freshman season and all the rest: very little crying.

Now the roommates erupt into tears on the regular. Sure, as their stars shine brighter, so does the spotlight, explaining a lot of the drama. But what are those tears really about? Love, sweet Jersey Shore-style love.

MTV has compiled a list of the channel’s Best Cries of 2011 list, and two of the ten slots (unsurprisingly) were awarded to Snooki and Sammi for their melodramatic meltdowns this year.

First, we get a lovely refresher of Season 4, Episode 8, when Jionni visited Snooki in Florence. Of course they got into a fight just minutes after he deplaned, which led to Snooki wearing a pink cheetah print handkerchief as a dress, sitting in a dirty alley, screaming at JWOWW, “Don’t get near me! Don’t touch me!” and soft sobs in between shouts of “Where’s my boyfriend?!”

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Next, we go way back in time to the middle of Season 3, otherwise known as The Ballad of Ron and Sam. After the beds and girly punches had been thrown, but before Sammi exited the building, these two had one of their most moving (seriously!) and quietly dramatic sadfests.

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Who do you think will win the award after Season 5? We’re voting Deena Nicole in 2012. Tune in to watch the premiere on January 5th at 10/9c!

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