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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Apologizes to Kim Zolciak and Demands Respect From Her Sister Malorie

In her latest blog on BravoTV, Cynthia Bailey details her relationships with several of her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates and members of her family.

First up is Kim Zolciak. Kim and Cynthia have never quite gotten along, and while Cynthia is still insisting that Kim never gave her a wedding gift, she claims she was more hurt by some of Kim’s other actions.

She writes, “I never really cared that she didn't bring a gift, her presence at the wedding was presents enough. The only thing that hurt me was how she insulted me by bringing her own wine and saying that Peter and I wouldn't make it a year. I never got an apology for that.”

However, Cynthia does offer a half-assed apology for Peter’s behavior at the baby shower. “I apologize for Peter and Apollo bumping heads at her shower. Again, it was not the time or the place. Again, we did not instigate it in the first place. Again, I am happy for Kim and wish her well. I really have no issue with Kim.”

Cynthia also took this opportunity to defend her friendship with NeNe Leakes. “I have a great friendship with NeNe because she has been a good friend to me. I am a good friend to her as well. You can't force real friendships, you either connect or you don't … We both have our own dreams and goals and encourage each other to go for it! I think NeNe is great, and I love having her in my life.”

Only time will tell if Kim’s prediction that their friendship won’t last will come true.

One relationship that Cynthia admits is very complicated, is her relationship with husband Peter Thomas. “Our relationship is not perfect, because we are not perfect. We don't not always agree on everything, but we have each other’s back 100% … I could be married to anyone right now, but I choose Peter because he makes me happy. As his wife, I support his vision and he supports mine. We balance each other and are a strong team.”

There’s no doubt that Cynthia’s family (especially her sister Malorie) have added stress to her marriage, but now Cynthia is finally telling her sister to mind her own business. “I appreciate her concern, but at 44, I think I got this. I have no desire to make choices for Mal regarding her marriage, and I deserve the same respect ... Love you, Mal, but can you leave me and Peter alone?”

Somehow, we don’t think Mal is going to listen!

Source: BravoTV