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Most Eligible Dallas

Five Reasons Most Eligible Dallas’ Matt Nordgren Should Be on The Bachelor

Sexy, single Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren has suggested that he might be interested in being on The Bachelor. There's been no word on the likelihood of this actually happening, but we think it's a good idea.

Why? Here are our top five reasons Matt would make a good Bachelor:

1. He's hot. A former college football player with nice eyes and a keen dress sense, there's no question Matt looks the part.

2. He has experience juggling multiple women on one date. As any Most Eligible Dallas fan knows, Matt is no stranger to going on a date with two or more women at once. That skill could come in handy on The Bachelor.

3. He's charitable. Every Bachelor needs a soft side, and Matt's commitment to charity is enough to melt any wannabe girlfriend's heart.

4. Hilarious BFF Courtney could make an appearance. We want the hilarious Courtney Kerr to appear on every reality show out there, but for now we'd settle for her making a snark-filled appearance during the Hometown Date portion of The Bachelor.

5. He'd have a good story. On Most Eligible, Matt was so afraid of commitment he refused to use the word "date" when taking girls out. But now he's "very close to being ready" for something serious. The transition from playboy to devoted partner would make for a good season arc.

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