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What Happened to Glee’s Young Sue Sylvester Flashback in Episode 6, “Mash Off”?

Uh, remember that uber-hyped Sue Sylvester flashback scene we were promised in Season 3, Episode 6, "Mash Off"? The one in which we would finally learn how and why Sue became such an evil glee club-hating mastermind? Yes, well, sadly, actress Colby Minifie's big debut as Young Sue Sylvester wound up on the cutting room floor that week. But all hope is not lost for those of you still jonesin' to see it.

So, as the story goes, Sue (Jane Lynch)'s plot to eradicate arts programs from Ohio public schools stemmed from a traumatic performance in her past. When Sue was but a young songstress in her high school days, she secured the leading role in her high school musical — Oklahoma! Unfortch, the performance was panned by her high school newspaper and Sue became a hardened ex-chanteuse. To spare future generations the scorn and embarrassment she felt, Sue, naturally, makes it a part of her Congressional campaign platform to nix the arts from schools.

Yeah, so, as you may have noticed, that little plot point was missing from the episode a couple of weeks ago. What gives?

"The sequence ended up being like a little movie," series creator Ryan Murphy explained, and it wound up running "too long for the episode." But, lucky fans that we are, we will get to see the deleted scene... eventually. "We are releasing it either as a DVD extra or online," Ryan revealed. "It’s called How Sue Sylvester Became a Bitch."

Well then. That sounds... clear. What do you think, Gleeks? Are you disappointed they cut Young Sue's big moment on stage from the episode?

Source: TV Line

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11.30.2011 / 01:12 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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