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Glee Stars Support Lindsay Pearce’s Snow White Debut

Gleeks of a feather stick together! And that goes double for Glee Project buds. GP runner-up Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) stars in a Los Angeles production of A Snow White Christmas, and on Tuesday, November 29, a bunch of her Glee Project brethren showed up to the premiere in support — along with a couple of Warblers.

Grant Gustin (Sebastian), Curt Mega (of "Uptown Girl" soloist fame), Max Adler (Karofsky), plus The Glee Project alums Bryce Ross-Johnson, Matheus Fernandes, and AJ Rafael, all showed up to cheer Lindsay on. Well, we bet there was a bit of good-natured heckling, too. Boys will be boys, after all.

In the end, though, Grant tweeted that he was "starstruck" by her performance, and Curt gushed forth compliments like it was going out of style:

"I am so thrilled I finally got to see and hear you use your gift in person. You voice is amazing. You were wonderful :)," he tweeted.

Are we the only ones letting our imagination run wild with speculations of Curt/Lindsay crushing? (We’ve already called dibs on Darren Criss’s bespectacled on-screen admirer.)

Reminder: Check out Lindsay's final showing on Glee next week, December 6 — sectionals!

Source: Twitter

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