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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers: Blair Waldorf is Moving in With a Guy … and It’s Not Louis!

It’s no secret, judging by the promo for next week’s episode, that Gossip Girl’s Queen B is suffering from a serious case of the what-ifs!

Blair (Leighton Meester) is uncertain of her future with Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) and possibly contemplating future residence at the Empire (or, you know, at least a life with its chief resident!). For now, though, TVLine reports that she’ll be cohabiting with another of her dearest dude pals come Monday!

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/ THE CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC.    

YEP, Dair fans! REJOICE... this one’s for you!

Word is that in next week’s mid-season finale, amidst what appear to be CHAIR make-out seshes hearkening back to the days of yore (great!) and would-be wedding cancellations (even better!), Blair will take refuge at Dan’s (Penn Badgley) Brooklyn bachelor pad!

Say whaaaat?! Yes, we agree, this is AMAZING!

While mulling over her future and trying to stay away from those darn paparazzi ― it’s hard out there for a princess, yo! ― Blair will turn to the one guy in her life who is just as weepy and needy as she is these days...

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/ THE CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC.    

Oops! We mean, the one guy in her life who is so enamored with her that he’s a-okay listening to her go on and on about the two other guys she’s in love with! (But what else does he have to do, anyway? Tweet? Oh, wait...)

Don’t worry, we only kid because we LOVE. And seriously, Dair have the wittiest banter of any characters, ever on the show. In fact, a bit of couch time with Dr. Lonely Boy sounds like exactly what Blair needs to contemplate the future of this totally ridic engagement.

Our only problem? Why does this whole thing have to end in that Princess Diana-esqe car accident! We’re still not so sure we can get behind that idea...

Source: TVLine

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