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The Bachelorette

How are Blake and Holly, Graham and Michelle, Kasey and Vienna Doing Now? Bachelor Pad Couples Update!

It’s only been a week since viewers saw the Bachelor Pad Season 2 finale and even longer since most of BP2 was filmed. So how are some of “couples” from the show faring now that the cameras are off? People Magazine caught up with the three biggies — Graham Bunn and Michelle Money, Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi, and Holly Durst and Blake Julian to get more of the inside scoop.

Here are highlights from the full People magazine story, which has more from the lovebirds.

Graham and Michelle: Long distance blues

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Team Money Bunns didn’t leave BP2 with $250,000, but the runners-up got something more out of the show — a potential serious relationship. "I left with a great man and I don't just let anyone in to my life," Michelle told People.

Graham was there for her when her father passed away earlier in the summer. It seems pretty clear that Graham and Michelle want to stick together, but she lives in Utah with her daughter, Brielle, and he lives in New York City. She can’t just up and leave her family there — an issue that seemed to get between Season 15 exes Brad Womack and Emily Maynard.

"Timing is huge for me and don't see a move happening for the next year,” Michelle says. “I'm so close with my family and I want to grieve and spend as much time with them as possible. I also have to think about what's best for my daughter. But a good man comes along only a few times in life so we're taking it as it comes."

So where’s Graham’s head in all of this? "Utah's a gorgeous place. I might just move there instead,” he said. Clearly his abs aren’t the only thing to love about this man.

Vienna and Kasey: On the wings of sexual tension

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UPDATE as of November 30: Dunzo.

Bachelor Pad was like one long public therapy session for Vienna and Kasey. "It's hard to relive it every week, but it forced us to take a long look at our relationship, acknowledge things we need to work on like our tempers and made us stronger by the end," Vienna said. "We really did have some great times where we weren't yelling, I swear. But we did learn a few things. One, we shouldn't ever live with one of our exes and two, not having sex for three weeks causes tension."

She also explained that she freaked out when Kasey gave her a ring because she’s already done the quickie engagement thing and she wants the next one to be “genuine, private and real.”

And it probably will be with Kasey, since they seem to be stronger than ever. Kasey is already planning how he’s going to do the proposal right. “When I do it, I'll go all out and do it big, romantic and with the style people expect from Kasey Kahl." In other words: More awkward singing.

Holly and Blake: Whirlwind engagement

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Falling in love was natural for Holly and Blake. “I never wanted alone time or to stop talking,” Blake told People of his relationship post-BP2. “That's when I knew this was different. We've talked about being married about half the time we've dated."

Blake said the four days he was apart from Holly after being dumped from BP2 were “the longest of my life.” Before proposing, Blake said he did give careful consideration to the fact that Holly had called off her engagement to fellow BP2 winner Michael Stagliano less than a year ago. "I point blank asked her if she was ready and what makes our relationship different. I have to take her at her word when she says she has never felt like this before, that she is head over heels and ready to marry me."

We hope for Blake’s sake, this is her final stop on her complicated journey of love.

Source: People