How DWTS Changed Rob Kardashian
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Dancing With The Stars

How DWTS Changed Rob Kardashian

One of the biggest surprises on Dancing With the Stars Season 13 was the evolution of Rob Kardashian. His partner Cheryl Burke liked to talk about how much he surprised her over the course of the season, and we certainly saw a noticeable change, as Rob transformed from whiny reality star to self-possessed young man with real ballroom skills.

We'll admit that we were biased against him in the beginning of the season because of rumors about his petulant attitude, but even the other Kardashians agree Rob's a changed man.

Here are the top three ways we think DWTS helped Rob grow as a person — and switched us from annoyed onlookers to Rob Kardashian fans.

1. He got healthy. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Rob was hardly a model of self control or healthy living habits. But on DWTS he slimmed down, toned up, and learned how to use that bangin' Kardashian Butt.

2. He got confident. Rob's increased physical fitness translated into a more confident, charming personality. That quiet boy we met at the beginning of Season 13 — who seemed more disinterested than shy — turned into a debonair young man who was willing to open up about his struggles (such as his father's death) and delight in his successes without seeming cocky.

3. He started working hard. The biggest problem for Rob heading into the season were the rumors that he'd only done DWTS because his mom made him and he was skimping on rehearsal time. It seemed like he wasn't really committed to the experience, and his iffy early dance moves did nothing to reassure us. But Rob steadily improved over the course of the season, and no matter how he felt going in, he was clearly deeply invested by the time he found himself for the Mirror Ball in the finale.

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