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The Kardashians

How Much Is Kris Humphries Worth?

Details on His Salary, Endorsements, Wedding Payday, and Possible Divorce Payout

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Kim Kardashian is the highest-paid reality star, according to The Daily Beast. She made a reported $6 million last year, which pales in comparison to her $18 million wedding-day payout. But her net worth is rumored to be closer to $35 million, says PopEater.

So we wanna know: What, if anything, does Kris Humphries stand to gain from the divorce (or possible annulment)?

Us Weekly reports that Kris, who is now am unrestricted free agent, made roughly $3.2 million playing for the New Jersey Nets from 2010 to 2011. That seems like a solid chunk of cash to us, but, then again, Kim Kardashian’s 6.5 carat engagement ring cost two-thirds of that ($2 million). On the other hand, he did, in fact, see a return on that investment, with the aforementioned big-day payday, as well as the bonus $1.5 million cash influx from People for the photos alone. E! has the bigger picture numbers: While Kris’ yearly salary isn’t exactly sizable, his net worth is estimated at closer to $8 million, and rising fast. However, all of that is moot if the NBA lockout doesn't end soon — he'll make nothing off his NBA career if he can't play!

Kim isn't the only one with a family business; the Humphries family owns a number of Five Guys Burgers and Fries joints, according to New York Daily News. No wonder he wanted burgers at the wedding reception!

So, the verdict: baller, shot-caller? Not exactly. Kris Jenner is staying mum on whether or not she's still Kris H's manager, but all signs point to "no" as the momager protects her most lucratice asset, daughter Kim. However, Kris Humphries is making some lucrative moves of his own; on November 17, 2011, Kris launched a new line of luxury watches with Italian watch maker Sector, netting him a reported $150,000 for the endorsement reports Us Weekly,

Kim and Kris may have pulled in $18 million for the wedding, but TMZ is reporting that the couple paid $10 million for expenses from the big day. After 72 days of marriage, the wedding day cost them approximately $130,000 per day of married life.

Sources: E!, The Daily Beast, Us Weekly, Pop Eater, New York Daily News, TMZ, Us Weekly

12.1.2011 / 06:19 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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