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Grey's Anatomy

Should Grey’s Anatomy Be Canceled?

Has Grey’s Anatomy overstayed its welcome? That’s the question posed by the folks at The Wrap, in their list of shows they think have been on the air too long.

The blog’s first point is the never-ending spout of relationship problems between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey): “...there's been so much partner-swapping, overwrought drama and McDreamy pouts over the problem of the week in his relationship with the angst-addicted Meredith that it's difficult to believe so many viewers have stuck with the show this long, its eighth season.”

While this argument has some merit (how much longer can they really keep this adoption/canceled adoption/back on/back to hopeless storyline going?), we think that the relationship between these two original characters is the heart of Grey’s. Loyal fans who have been watching since Season 1 are still in love with this love story, since they’ve seen it grow and mature for five years.

Secondly, they argue that the show jumped the shark years ago: “The Denny/Izzie brain tumor storyline alone would have done some shows in -- and that was back in season five.”

To this, we would just like to share some facts: While it’s true that Grey’s has gone down in the ratings every season (from #9 during Season 1 to #31 for Season 7), the entire television-watching audience has shrunk in the same time period. With so many shows and clips and recaps available online, nearly every show that’s been on since the mid-2000s has lost its audience.

In fact, Grey’s was Thursday’s number 1 drama on TV for seven straight weeks during Season 8. If people are watching, a show this good should go on.

Source: The Wrap

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