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The Bachelorette

Who Should Ali Fedotowsky Date Next?

6. Justin "Rated-R" Rego
So what if he ran away from Ali in Turkey! His name fits with the “J” pattern and he even named one of his rescue kittens after her. She is a strong woman and she could probably dominate this guy — who is tough on the outside but seems like a softie underneath. OK, this is a bad idea, but the kitten thing is still kind of cute.

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2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Back before The Bachelorette 6 started airing, Ali announced the kind of man she wanted. "I am looking for a guy like the character Tom from (500) Days Of Summer. He is my dream guy!" Well, the actor who played Tom was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose name we dropped continuously during Bachelorette 7 because he kinda sorta looks like Ashley Hebert's chosen one, JP Rosenbaum. Since JP is definitely taken, Ali should maybe make a play for Joseph. Interesting side note: On her first one-on-one date with Jake on The Bachelor, Ali told him about the pattern with the guys she’s dated — Jim, Jason, Jared, Jordan ... and Jake. So Joseph would be right up her alley.


She’s on the cover of People Magazine talking about why she left Roberto “Hottie Dimples” Martinez, so it’s probably safe to say Ali Fedotowsky has moved on. And we must do the same. (Sad face.)

When Bachelor Pad pair Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl broke up, we offered suggestions on which celebs and Bachelor Nation folks they should date next. So we’ll do the same for Aliberto, starting with the Ali part. Here are six guys the Season 6 Bachelorette should consider for an “amazing” rebound.

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5. Kasey Kahl
He’s learned! Hasn’t he? Kasey is no longer the guy who can’t stop singing and he’s probably forgiven her from dumping him on that glacier. He’s put on some muscle and toughened up since Season 6. He wants someone to guard and protect, and she could use a protector. Besides, he likes blondes. And a Kasey/Ali match would fit well with our rectangle of Jake/Vienna/Kasey/Ali. Keep them quarantined!

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3. Ryan Reynolds
Ali’s wicked smart — she graduated from Clark University with a degree in psychology and a 4.0 GPA. Plus she’s beautiful. Why not date another smart, attractive person — i.e. Ryan Reynolds. We’re also fond of the other sexy Ryan (Gosling), but RyRey has a sharp wit about him that Ali would probably appreciate. They could have some great debates over coffee or whatever.

4. Mark Zuckerberg
Ali dumped Jake for Facebook back on The Bachelor, and when The Social Network came out Ali defended Mark Zuckerberg as a great guy. She loves Facebook. He invented the dang thing. They are both 27. He has lots of money. Maybe he’s not as hot as Roberto, but there’s that whole money thing — he’s worth about $17.5 billion — and she does seem to like him as a person. Maybe?

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1. Jake Pavelka
Let’s just get this one out of the way, since there are some very loyal fans out there who still think an Ali/Jake Bachelor 14 re-match might be a good idea. She seems a little too strong-willed for him — if she was fighting with Roberto we can only imagine how many times she and Mr. Hand Chop would argue — but they both do seem comfortable in the spotlight. Ali had that plan to be on a Style Network show, and it’s possible something can still come of that. And we all know how much Jake loves to be on TV. Maybe if Ali moves up to Tinseltown, she and Jake can combine Bachelor star power all over again.

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