Who Should Roberto Martinez Date Next?
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The Bachelorette

Who Should Roberto Martinez Date Next?

Obviously we’d like to keep Hottie Dimples to ourselves, but it’s more likely Roberto Martinez will choose other ladies to date now that he’s no longer engaged to Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky. We offered Ali six options for guys to date (and we’re serious about half of them!), and here are six options for Roberto. Although, really, he should just call us.

Who Should Roberto Martinez Date Next?
Credit: Jillian Harris' Twitter    

3. Katerina Graham
Just look at her. Look at him. Back to her. Next to him. Gorgeous, no? The Vampire Diaries star is beautiful, fashionable, and worldly. She was born in Switzerland and speaks French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We know Bert speaks Spanish and he and Ali salsa danced in Portugal on Season 6. But whatever. This is really just about how they would look together. Hot!

4. Jillian Harris
Maybe you can’t immediately picture them together, but he’s a warm, family-oriented guy and she’s a warm, family-oriented girl. She’s on TV now with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but she’s not spotted on red carpets every week. She’s still living a normal life up in Canada (where they probably have insurance too). She redesigned Roberto’s old San Diego apartment with Ali and it’s possible if they reconnected under different circumstances a friendship could turn into something more. He likes bubbly, fun-loving girls — and if she loved Ed Swiderski she’d probably love Roberto.

5. Scarlett Johansson
We suggested that Ali date Ryan Reynolds so it’s fitting that we suggest Roberto date his ex-wife, Scarlett. She’s babealicious but also smart and tough and not above dating someone like Sean Penn, which may or may not be a plus. Even if Roberto didn’t like blondes he’d go for Scarlett. ‘Cause he’s a guy.

6. Naya Rivera
She’s been linked to a couple of her Glee co-stars, but she could use a break with Roberto. He’s kind of an upgrade, no? Ali has an America’s Sweetheart vibe about her and it might be refreshing for Roberto to date someone known — at least on TV — for being a bad girl. Sure, she plays a bad girl in love with her fellow cheerleader best friend, but that might be a turn-on.

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Who Should Roberto Martinez Date Next?
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1. Shawntel Newton
The hottest funeral director Brad Womack ever met might be a good match for the hottest State Farm insurance salesman of all time. Roberto is in San Diego right now, but he could sell insurance from Chico, CA, where Shawntel is a funeral director/embalmer. Shawntel could be a calm, mature, quiet presence in Roberto’s life. Zero drama.

2. Blake Lively
Blake only dates the hottest guys and Roberto is definitely on the hot list. She’s maybe a little too much in the public eye for Roberto’s taste, but he’d probably make an exception for Blake. Besides, we know he likes blondes.