Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.    
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America's Next Top Model

7 Biggest WTF Moments In Cycle 17, Episode 11: Tyson Beckford!

We love America’s Next Top Model as much as the next Tyra Banks super-fan, but sometimes the WTF moments have us quivering in fear and horror! This week, things got a little meta and we finally realized that WTF is For The Win backwards.

That’s right, these moments are truly #winning, probably because Tyra finally realized her true calling and became a director. Check out our favorite gems from Cycle 17, Episode 11: “Tyson Beckford.”


1. Tyra Sucks On Tyson Beckford’s Thumb!
In a scene that will go down in Top Model infamy, Tyra cozied up to super-model Tyson Beckford on a rocky beach, declared herself “Tookie” (more on that later) and popped his thumb in her mouth like a lollipop. According to Queen Ty, it was the “editorial” version of a thumb sucking. We’d hate to see the alternative...

2. Angelea Clutches A Toothbrush... Which Represents Her Father?
Do you ever wake up in the morning, wander over to your toothbrush and realize that it’s actually your dad? Tyra feels you, girl. Which is why she forced Angelea to clutch a little wooden brush, told her it was her father, and made her cry. Don’t question it, just remember: We are all Tookie. Which brings us to....

3. We Are Wetpaint, And We Are Tookie
The masterpiece that was Modelland featured all of Tyra’s modelstants whispering their names at the camera and then declaring “I am Tookie.” For the uninitiated, Tookie is Tyra’s alternate personality, a gangly weirdo who embodies beauty in all shapes and sizes. The lesson learned? A little Tyra Banks lives in all of us.

4. Allison Lurks In Cat Alley
Despite watching Modelland four times in a state of awe and R-E-S-P-E-C-T, we still have no idea why Allison was dressed up as Cat Woman, clutching a poor innocent kitten. Something about the catty models being turned into felines for payback? Whatever, we’ve learned not to question Tyra’s creative genius.

Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.    

5. Everyone Acts Like Modelland Is Normal
Our reaction to the world premiere of Modelland: Nausea, amazement, happy-crying, ugly-crying, fainting and high-fiving our own hands. The judges’ reaction to the world premier of Modelland? Subdued, respectful applause. You guys, Modelland is so important. Time to write a thesis in preparation for your PhD in Tyra-isms.

6. The Judges “Fight”
This week, we got a rare glimpse of the elusive Ken Mok, ANTM’s executive producer and Tyra’s partner in crime. Annnnnd, he looked like a man on the brink. We’ve never seen someone so frustrated and pissed off, but Tyra’s suspenders do tend to have that effect on people. Take a chill pill, Ken!

7. Lisa Wears Bicycle Pants To Judgement Day
Lisa always pulls together amazing outfits for judgement, but this time she stunned and amazed. Her hair was curled Shirley Temple-style, she was wearing her signature cat-eye glasses and her makeup was too hot to handle. Then there was her top, which we believe was a leather corset with a leather vest attached to it. But the sartorial adventure really came together with Lisa’s pants: Hot green spandex with a slight flared leg. Someone call Anna Wintour and get this girl on the cover of Vogue.

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