Castle’s Andrew Marlowe Previews ”Cuffed”: Expect Lots of ”Relationship Fun” – Exclusive!
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Castle’s Andrew Marlowe Previews ”Cuffed”: Expect Lots of ”Relationship Fun” – Exclusive!

What a season it has been for Castle so far! From the moment we found out that Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) did hear the “I love you” uttered by Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) at the end of Season 3, and he made a decision to steer Beckett away from her mother’s murder case, we’ve been on pins and needles, waiting to see how it all plays out.

But if Beckett’s brave realization in episode 9, “Kill Shot”, that she is ready to deal with her emotions — and that means all of her emotions — doesn’t bring this crime-fighting, super sexy, can’t-they-already-be-a couple closer, we don’t know what can.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Monday’s mid-season finale finds our heroes in a rather intimate and odd predicament — handcuffed and in bed together with no recollection of how they got there!

In an exclusive interview, creator and exec producer Andrew Marlowe tells Wetpaint Entertainment what to expect from the last episode of the year, and where he finds his inspiration for Caskett’s sexy banter.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s set up the mid-season finale, “Cuffed." What can we expect?

Andrew Marlowe: “Cuffed” is a fun little gem of an episode that I think folks will enjoy. It features our two heroes handcuffed together, left hand to left hand, for the majority of the episode, trying to figure out why they’re cuffed together, where they are and what the hell is going on.

It’s a really fun mystery, but you can imagine that having Castle and Beckett cuffed together provides ample opportunities for banter fun and relationship fun for the two of them.

Castle’s Andrew Marlowe Previews ”Cuffed”: Expect Lots of ”Relationship Fun” – Exclusive!
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Are you telling the story in reverse?

The majority of the story takes place going forwards, but we’ll have some flashbacks as to how they ended up in bed together.

In the promo. Nathan says, “Don’t get up yet, stay in bed.” Where is his mind?

I think we all know where his mind is.

But no hints as to whether or not that could actually be true, and they were in bed together, voluntarily, earlier?

That is something worth watching the episode for.

Your wife, Terri Miller, co-wrote the episode with you, right? Is she full-time on the show, still?

She and I are working together on some new projects, so the show was taking up an enormous amount of time, so she stepped off, but joined us for this. She’s my unofficial consigliere in all things on the show. She and I talk about it constantly, so her presence here is still felt even though she’s not here full-time. A TV show is very demanding and we never want to let go, but we do have other aspirations.

Castle’s Andrew Marlowe Previews ”Cuffed”: Expect Lots of ”Relationship Fun” – Exclusive!
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Did it feel good to have her back?

It felt good to have her back, and it’s always fun to write with her, because we end up acting things out. When I was writing a scene for Air Force One, where the president is duct taped, I had to figure out how to get out of duct tape. So I had her duct tape me with my hands behind my back and put me on the floor and I tried to deal with things there.

We did an homage to it in an episode that she co-wrote in the second season with [guest star] Alyssa Milano. In the first scene we have Alexis (Molly Quinn) and Martha (Susan Sullivan) tape up Castle and put duct tape over his mouth and see if he could get out of it.

But for “Cuffed”, you know what we did? We cuffed our hands together and walked around the house. We figured out the comedy, figured out stepping on each other’s toes. We got into a little bit of a back and forth that is kind of reflected in some of Castle and Beckett’s back-and-forth.

Ah, to be a fly in your house …

We’re crazy and we have fun. [Laughs] It’s part of our creative process that fans can imagine — the two of us handcuffed together, left hand to left hand. By the way, that’s where the only way you can face the same direction is if you’re in a spooning position.

Are you ending the episode on a big cliffhanger?

No, no. That would be unfair. I was cruel enough to audiences during the summer.

Really? We get to have a merry Christmas without having to fear for anyone’s life?

You’re not going to have to worry for anyone’s life over Christmas. You just have to worry about their life for the episode.

But where does all this involuntary spooning lead? Stay tuned next week for more juicy details about the future of Caskett and the upcoming wedding episode.

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