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Chord Overstreet on Glee Season 3 Return and Rekindling the Samcedes Romance

In spite of his cheesy rockstar name, it's no secret that we here at Wetpaint Entertainment go weak in the knees for Chord Overstreet (Sam)’s Bieber hair and trouty mouth. Um, the abs help, too. So we couldn't be happier that he's going back on his idiotic decision to turn down a series regular role on Glee in favor of working on his music, and returning to the halls of McKinley High this season. Chord, himself, speaks!

So how does the whole RETURN go down?

Well, in light of the fact that Rachel (Lea Michele) is banned from performing at Sectionals, she and Finn (Cory Monteith) recruit Sam to pick up her slack and help the New Directions earn a spot at Regionals. After hunting him down in the, um, unlikeliest places, they ask his parents if he can come back to McKinley, extending an offer to let him stay at one of their houses to help beef up the glee club for the competition. Of course, they agree, but the transition back to McKinley is not easy.

Chord dishes, "He tries to kind of pick everything back up where he left off and he realizes that everything has... changed a little bit since he’s gone. He has to kind of re-adapt a little bit.”

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Among the big changes? His summer girlfriend, Mercedes (Amber Riley), has a new boyfriend! But, he assured that we will get to see a moment between Mercedes and Sam where they address their fling. Some things never change, though, as we’ll see when Santana "rips him a new one," according to Chord.

We also know that he will find a surprising adversary in Blaine, when he [SPOILER ALERT!] attempts to bring some of his sexy White Chocolate moves to New Directions.

Though he’s happy to be back, he does have one complaint: "My body was not used to the dancing," he griped. "The first day back in the dance studio, we had three songs to do for Sectionals, and the next day my hamstrings couldn't move. And I had to go right back to dancing again."

Be thankful it was just your hamstrings, Chord.

So how long will we have Sam in our lives before he’s mercilessly yanked away from us again? Says Chord, “Right now, we’re playing it by ear [and] having fun.” Fiiiine. We’ll settle for that... for now!

Check out Sam's Season 3 debut performance PLUS... sneak peek pics of Sam's return below (airing on December 6).

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