Adrienne Maloof Addresses Argument With Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter, Doesn’t Want to “Dwell”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Adrienne Maloof Addresses Argument With Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter, Doesn’t Want to “Dwell”

Funny woman Lisa Vanderpump has a way with words, but if you ask Adrienne Maloof, this week they caused more harm than good. On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the witty British babe warned the “Maloof Hoof” (her nickname for Adrienne Maloof’s shoe line we saw at the episode’s fashion show) to watch out for the Vanderpump, Lisa’s own shoe design debuting in Spring 2012.

While Lisa addressed the issue on her Bravo blog earlier this week, stating she never meant any ill will by the remark, Adrienne too took to technology to square with her co-star. The always-classy businesswoman posted a string of tweets responding to the tiff, saying she wants to move on.

“I truly appreciate that! Just as you have been protective about your new ventures, I am of mine b/c we work so hard to make them a success. Unfortunately your intended humor came across sarcasm about something very important to me. Hopefully you can see why it came across as hurtful just as I now understand it was meant to be funny. Certainly you and I have much better things to do than continue on this subject! More than willing to chalk it up to lessons learned and move on!! I know you'll agree there are far more significant things happening in the world to dwell on!!… xoxo-A”

Although Lisa has yet to tweet Adrienne back, co-star Brandi Glanville put in her two cents on the issue:

@AdrienneMaloof @LisaVanderpump I think u ladies should take it to the ring and box it out! Or mud wrestling?? :)”

Oh, Brandi. You would go there.

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