Castle and Beckett’s Cutest Sexual Innuendos of All Time!
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Castle and Beckett’s Cutest Sexual Innuendos of All Time!

It’s been three and (almost) a half long seasons of flirting for Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, and along the way the duo have piled up quite an extensive arsenal of adorable innuendos.

Sure, they haven’t always been straightforward about their feelings, but they’ve never been shy about their underlying sexual tension.

In seasons past, Castle’s innuendos have been far more blatant than Miss Beckett’s, but Kate’s really taken the reigns in that department in the latter seasons. Let’s take a look at some of both character’s cutest innuendos.

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Richard Castle

Castle: Tell me you need me.

Castle: Becket, I think you have the perfect partner.

Castle: So I wear boxers. What do you wear? Thong? Cheekies? I told you mine! Bloomers? Granny panties? [lights up] Commando?

Castle: Maybe we should sleep on it … Separately. Katherine Beckett, I never …

Kate Beckett

Beckett: I’m a one writer girl.

Beckett: Poke you? I wanna kiss you!

Castle: Do you plan to get the implants?
Kate (looking down): I don’t think I need them, do I?

Beckett: Roger has the most incredible … resistance band.
Castle: Resistance band? Is that what I think it is?
Beckett [smirking]: It’s for strength training. He’s my physical therapist.

Castle (after missing the target at a shooting range): Oh, shot too soon.
Beckett: Well, we could always just cuddle, Castle.

Beckett: Please, let’s just stick it in and get it over with.

Castle: Did you just use the word "veritable"?
Beckett: Yes, I did.
Castle: Sexy.
Beckett: You should hear me say "fallacious.”

Beckett: I do this thing with ice cubes.


Castle [after Beckett rejects his dinner invitation]: It is too bad, It would have been great.
Beckett: You have no idea.

Castle: Good idea! I'll bring the mojitos, you get the beach towels.
Beckett: Oh, I don't know Castle. Me, in a swimsuit, under the hot, blistering sun?
Castle: I'd be happy to rub lotion on you.

Castle: Come on. Haven’t you ever wanted to do something with your handcuffs other than arrest criminals?
Beckett: No. But there is one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing …
Castle: [fumbles]
Beckett: Putting killers behind bars.

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