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Glee GIRL-mances: Top 5 Girl-on-Girl Pairings We Want to See

We’ve seen more than our share of adorable bromances on Glee, whether it’s Finn and Puck, Finn and Kurt, Finn and Sam, Finn and Rory... okay, so maybe Finn is just a really friendly guy. But — other than Brittana, whom we adore — where is all the girl-on-girl love? Platonically speaking, of course. (Although, if you want to take it there... we won’t argue.) With that in mind, here are the five girl-mances we’d love to see more of, like, now. (Thank you in advance, Ryan Murphy.)

5. Sue and Shelby

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Okay, so Sue (Jane Lynch) isn’t generally one for teamwork. But considering Shelby’s post-Puck hoookup days under McKinley’s good graces are extremely numbered — and keeping in mind Sue’s influence over Principal Figgins — we can see Sue and Shelby cooking up some delicious schemes a la last season’s League of Doom.

4. Brittany and Sugar

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Would we want these two in charge of fixing the economy? Hell to the no. However, since both Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) are so delightfully lost in their own worlds at times, we think they’d be a hilarious duo. Do Senior Class Presidents need a VP? Because with Brittany’s dancing skills and Sugar’s singing skills Daddy’s money, they can instantly super-size any school event. (Yes, that includes “Topless Tuesdays.”)

3. Emma and Coach Beiste

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Initially these two were spending time together because they’re both tight with Schue (Matthew Morrison), but they’re recent interactions — whether as judges for the West Side Story auditions or Emma (Jayma Mays) gawking at Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones)’s uninhibited appetite — made us think that they had more in common than their virgin status. With Beiste finally finding a (complicated) love of her own, Jayma could definitely advise her on how to navigate the world of Glee love triangles. And Beiste could... tell her how to carbo-load? (Because if Emma and Will ever DO IT, she’s certainly going to need the energy, right?)

2. Santana and Mercedes

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These two have had a heated rivalry at times — remember when they fought over Puck? Wow, how long ago does that storyline feel? — but despite this tension (or perhaps because of it), they have also teamed up for some of our favorite performances, including “The Boy Is Mine” and “River Deep, Mountain High.” And though putting two spotlight-seeking divas in a new all-girls group seemed like a recipe for disaster, it actually produced results that were hotter than anything we’d seen on Glee. (We’re pretty sure iTunes is still cooling down.)

1. Rachel and Quinn

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This pairing has had more downs than ups, but we’d love them to get closer, especially with Quinn’s funk about her baby-less, uncertain future showing signs of complete self-destruction. We’ve seen glimpses of a friendship here, as in the bathroom scene in Season 2’s “Prom Queen” where Rachel comforts Quinn — despite that slap! Or Rachel encouraging a pink-haired, punked-out Quinn to rejoin New Directions in the Season 3 Premiere, “The Purple Piano Project.” Or Quinn telling Rachel to wait on having sex in Season 3, Episode 5, “The First Time"... They might think that the only thing they have in common is their taste in men, but it’s obvious that they admire each other’s differences, which is the biggest commonality of all... and the perfect foundation upon which to build a long-lasting Faberry girl-mance.

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