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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak Calls Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Classless, Is Happy She Didn’t Attend Kandi Burruss’ Birthday Party

While Cynthia Bailey may be ready to call a truce, Kim Zolciak is still waiting on an apology after Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas got into a fight at Kim’s baby shower.

In her latest blog for BravoTV, Kim says she appreciated Phaedra Parks’ gift and apology, but she can’t say the same for Cynthia.

Kim writes, “As for Cynthia, I have not gotten a call from her or Peter. It just shows the different level of class each couple has. But Peter and Cynthia have never tried to act like they had any, so I don't know why I expected some.”

Damn, we certainly don’t want to get on Kim’s bad side!

For those of you wondering whether little KJ was, in fact, circumcised, Kim revealed, “We did not want our son to have to go through life with his penis looking like a pig in a blanket. So snip, snip, snip ... I'm sure KJ and his future wife will thank us later. You're welcome, son!”

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As for NeNe Leakes’ remarks that Kim has three children with three different men, Kim isn’t letting any of that nonsense phase her.

She writes, “Her comments mean less than nothing to me at this point. As long as NeNe is around, I'll never need a publicist because she keeps my name out there! She needs to discuss me to stay relevant ... My children are happy and healthy, and that's all that matters.”

We hate to say it, but NeNe has been unnecessarily mean this season.

Like all of the other housewives, Kim also had an opinion on ReDICKulous, and it turns out she was thankful that she wasn’t able to see his “tricks” firsthand!

She writes, “And after watching that stripper whip his penis like a helicopter, dip it into Kandi's drink, and give himself oral pleasure, I'm so glad I didn't go ... I now know why my body wasn't allowing me to go that night. I believe there is a time and a place for everything, but with all the men, mothers, etc. there I don't believe it was appropriate.”

We usually love to embrace Kandi Burruss’ playful side, but ReDICKulous was just, well, ridiculous!

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