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Grey's Anatomy

Most Shocking Moments of Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 So Far

Grey’s Anatomy has never been short on shockers, but with 7 ½ seasons under their belt, the writers keep pushing our imaginations (and pulses) to the absolute limit. A sinkhole? Really?

That said, Season 8 was full of so many OMG moments. We’ve collected a few that froze our face Edvard Munch-style here:

1. Meredith Gets Fired, Episode 1: “Free Falling”
The thing is, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) technically could have been fired any number of times in Grey’s history. She slept with her superior, she’s always been distracted from work by personal problems, and she engages in enough risky behavior to merit her a loony bin room. But this is Grey’s Anatomy, and in the Seattle Grace universe, firing Meredith is an enormous departure from the characters’ typically sky-high tolerance for oddball behavior.


2. Cristina Has an Abortion, Episode 1: “Free Falling”
Another character we can’t help loving despite some pretty sketchy actions in the past, is Cristina (Sandra Oh). Say what you will about her unbridled ambition — she is firm in her beliefs and decisions. But when her character is pregnant with Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) baby, her momentous decision to get an abortion shocked not only devoted Grey’s fans but the world in general. This marked one of the very first time a primetime network show features a character who makes this decision, and it worked.

3. MerDer Loses Zola, Episode 9: “Dark Was the Night”
Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are the kind of characters you just know will make amazing parents. So when bad-news-bearer Janet tells Meredith that the court won’t even consider hearing their side of the story, we were more than surprised. Regardless of employment issues, the fact is that these two are both world class doctors! Adding to the shock is the fact that Meredith told Derek it’s either Zola or no children at all.

4. Jackson Breaks Up With Lexie, Episode 8: “Heart-Shaped Box”
We were a fan of Jaxie (that works, right?) from the start. It was time for Lexie (Chyler Leigh) to move on from the trauma of McSteamy (Eric Dane), and Jackson (Jesse Williams) seemed like the perfect guy to rebound with. The rebound turned into a bonafide romance, but Lexie never seemed to be able to get over Mark — her soulmate.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

5. Lexie Throws Baseball at Julia’s Boob, Episode 7: “Put Me In, Coach”
Speaking of soulmates, the events leading up to Jaxie’s break-up started after Lexie became palpably jealous of Mark’s new fling. This wasn’t a heartbreaking or emotional kind of shock, but every now and thenGrey’s makes us ROFL, and this tops our list of Season 8’s funniest moments so far.

6. Henry Dies, Episode 10: “Dark Was the Night”
Ranking up there with Denny’s death in Season 2, Henry’s (Scott Foley) sudden departure wasn’t just shocking for its own sake — it was the ways the Seattle Grace doctors reacted that shocked us — most of all when Owen lied to Teddy (Kim Raver) about her husband’s surgery being successful. We’re still on the fence on whether or not that was the right thing to do (ostensibly so Teddy could complete her surgery). But we do know there will be hell to pay when Teddy finds out.

Which shockers do you think we missed? Make sure to share them on our Facebook page!

12.3.2011 / 03:37 AM EDT by Molly Friedman
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