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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile’s Best Tips for Keeping the Peace This Holiday Season

Real Housewife of New Jersey Kathy Wakile doesn't have the best track record with family get-togethers, but apparently her relentless feud with cousin Teresa Giudice leaves her in prime position to advise other families on how to survive the holidays.

Presumably, your fam can't possibly have anyone crazier than Teresa swinging by for Christmas dinner, so here are Kathy's best tips for keeping the peace:

1. Remind everyone of how much they love each other by putting out family photos from a time where you were pretending to have fun! "Look through your photos from the past that bring back happy memories that include your guests and set up a gallery of happy memories," she says. If you're feeling especially domestic, she suggests collecting the winning photos in a keepsake album and passing them out to guests as party favors. Excuse us while we gag on the cheesiness.

2. Remember to set up an area of movies/games for the kiddies, lest they terrorize the grownups. Because if the kids are stressful, the grownups will drink, and if the grownups drink, punches will be thrown. Lesson learned, Joe Gorga.

3. If your child is screaming at the dinner table, GTFO. "I’m not sure what 'the perfect etiquette' is but I’m sure if you excuse yourself from the table when you try to pacify your child, none of the other guests will call the etiquette police on you," Kathy assures. This tip is Wetpaint Entertainment approved.

4. If you hate cooking but are stuck hosting, just suck it up and have your party catered! "If anyone offers to bring something, accept the help and instead pick up some beautiful serving pieces so the table looks really pretty and inviting," Kathy suggests. "It also shows your guests that even though you didn’t prepare the food, you appreciate their help and are proud to make it part of the holiday experience." And no one wants to eat a scorched Cornish game hen.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when dealing with your roost this holiday season, and, uh, let us know how that goes ...

Source: Babble

12.3.2011 / 11:30 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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