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Ringer Speculation: Our 5 Theories on Why Siobhan Is Hiding

Time for a mid-season wrap-up, ya’ll! Ringer’s been in our lives for months now, but we still don’t know why Siobhan Martin jumped ship (literally) and made sister Bridget Kelly take over her life. Until now.

During the finale, Charlie said that Shiv needed Bridget to take the fall for her, and you know what that means: Theory time! Check out 5 possible reasons Shiv had to flee the country and pull a sister-sister switcheroo!

1. Did Siobhan embezzle money from Andrew’s company?

It’s no secret that Siobhan and Andrew don’t exactly get along, but they must have been lucky in love at some point! What changed?

Andrew has a hugely profitable business, but we’ve heard rumblings about some of his key investors pulling out. Could Bridget be taking down her hubby’s business from the inside? Sigh, Andrew better return that $250,000 ring he just bought Bridget.

2. Did Shiv kill Bodoway’s stripper?

Bridget witnessed Bodoway murder one of her fellow strippers, but what did she really see? We still haven’t seen a flashback of that fateful night, and for all we know Bridget was too high on narcotics to notice that her sister pulled the trigger from behind the scenes.

Agent Jimmy links Shiv and Bodoway, and if these two masters of crime are working together, it’s definitely possible that Shiv was behind the hit!

3. Is Siobhan expanding her crime ring to Paris?

Credit: The CW    

At this point, we’re about 90 percent sure Shiv is a mobster. She’s creepy, she’s sleuthing, the police work for her and she has no problem killing people who get in her way.

Maybe she just wants to take her business international and develop a mob family in Paris? If the rumors are true, there’s no weapon more dangerous than a freshly baked baguette.

4. Is Andrew evil?

So far, Andrew’s been nothing but sweet and kind to Bridget, but there must be a reason Siobhan fell out of love with him. What changed in their relationship? (Well, aside from the addiction to turtlenecks ... shudder.)

What if Andrew really did try to withhold financial information from Shiv, or even worse — what if he cheated on her early in their marriage? We definitely can’t assume Andrew is just an innocent knight in shining armor with a cute accent.

5. Does Shiv have a secret kiddo!

Siobhan is preggers with either Andrew or Henry’s baby, but lord knows she might have a million other little mirror addicts running around the world.

Who knows, maybe she has a pouty teenager living the fab life in Paris who she’s trying to hide from Henry?

Anything could happen — after all, this is a show where bologna covered ladies rise from the dead.

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