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Which Castle Episodes Do You Prefer: Light and Fluffy or Heavy and Emotional?

Castle might be the only crime drama that can play both sides of the coin.

One week, we’re all biting our nails, crying over half-dead characters, cursing out the Fire Marshal (you know), and the next we’re tracking down a guy who wears spandex and trying not to crack up.

To be fair, the fun-and-serious juxtaposition is part of what keeps us hooked, but now we wanna know what you think about Castle’s flip-floppy nature.

Do you favor the light and fluffy or the dark and dreary? Love the witty banter, the clever quips, and the overall ridiculousness (i.e., Martha Rodgers in that King Lear get-up)? Or are heartfelt Caskett convos, tear-jerking investigations, and dramatic revelations about Beckett’s mom’s murder more your thing?

If you had to pick, what type of episodes would you want to see?

12.3.2011 / 05:12 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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